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One Suggestion of Many

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I have come to the conclusion that the Republican Party has lost its focus and no longer is working together under a unifying ideology. The old guard Republicans are now called Conservatives and do have an ideology but it no longer fits in with the new Republican Party methods and motives. Most of the establishment republicans, those who control the party and who have infested Capitol Hill do not share an ideology with grass roots Republicans or Conservatives. To be blunt, they are greedy, power hungry, crooked people and they give all republicans a bad name.
Steve Hilton brought an old idea back into the light. Part of the problem with politicians is that they are funded by big corporations, big money private donors, big pacs and special interests. It takes away the importance of the voter and places control with the big money. Until 1986, every citizen could donate a limited amount to a political campaign and deduct it from their tax bill. This encouraged greater citizen participation, it forced congress to pay more attention to their voters, more small donations added up and controls could be more easily applied to large donations (well, it sounds good…).

Limits, regulations and caps should be placed on campaign donations by some agency other than congress – perhaps an arm of the DOJ or Treasury. Capitol Hill has already shown the inability to regulate or police themselves. Taking it a step further, lobbyists should also be rigidly controlled and regulated by that same agency. No body of government with so many members holding the power of the people can be trusted to self-police and self-regulate when the record thus far has been so totally abysmal. Our representatives in Washington are sadly out of touch with everyone but the media, scandals and back room deals are the norm. Too many members leave Washington wealthier by far than a Congressional salary can account for. Too many go on lavish trips, visit foreign countries, receive expensive gifts, etc.. (Is this why people run for office?)

John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and many other of our founders made it very clear that a virtuous citizenry was necessary for a thriving republic. To our shame, the congress (we elected and have repeatedly re-elected) is mostly corrupt. Also, we have allowed a culture of dysfunction, theft, greed, corruption, moral depravity and party over country to take over our nation’s capitol. I say this because we do not look at how they vote, we listen to the lies they tell at election time and then those with the most money who run more advertisements and throw the most mud win. 

None of us are perfect, but each of us is closer to virtuous than those in Washington who refuse to do anything about healthcare while so many people suffer without any healthcare at all or who cannot afford the co-pays, those who make us pay for a much better healthcare system for them, their families, their staffers and their families. Those ones who will probably fight President Trump tooth and nail rather than allow citizens to keep more of their own money by reforming the tax code but who have planted numerous loopholes in the current tax code for themselves and their donors.

Our First Congress served the nation and took their duties to their fellow citizens seriously. They sacrificed to serve one or two terms and then they went home. Working in Washington was not considered a path to wealth and a secure retirement. Budgeting America’s money was a sacred trust. The United States of America was born a republic, not a democracy. We did not want a massive controlling central government and fluctuating mob rule. It was brilliant, it was constructed for stability and it was built to endure for their progeny.

Well Progeny, here we are…….

We need a few changes. 

We need The Convention of States!           



Would Someone Please Say for the Record…

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  • Comey was NOT leading “the investigation” or any other investigation. He was the leading the entire FBI, for heaven’s sake, those that lead each investigation report to him or his deputy, but he has too many responsibilities, is supervising too many projects and has too many duties to spend all or even most of his time and/or energy on one area or project. Does anyone posses common sense?
  • To make the assumption that President Trump fired Comey because of “the investigation” without evidence is insane. It is especially so when Deputy Director McCabe who is currently acting as director until a new one is chosen, testified in committee last week that not only did the FBI have all the resources it needed but that nothing had been done to interrupt or impede the progress of the investigation and that it was continuing. Obviously, if President Trump intended to stall or stop “the investigation” firing Comey would NOT have been his best choice. (A little like trying to put out a kitchen fire with a glass of water) It all depends on who he chooses to replace Comey. There is enough there to justify this action, now the media should back off and wait to see who the new nomination will be.
  • This random group of extremist liberals who claim to be mental health professionals, yet violate the McGovern rule as well as the standards of care and the ethical standards of psychiatrists and psychologists, who have dedicated themselves to bringing down President Trump by attacking his mental stability would be insanely funny if they were not so intently serious! I saw one of these characters being interviewed recently and it literally dropped my jaw! Common sense should tell you that no diagnoses could ever be made of any person’s mental condition based on public persona. None of these alleged professionals have ever even met President Trump!! We may all have opinions on the reasons behind the unbelievable things that politicians do…..but we do not put our opinions out into the marketplace of ideas while legitimizing those opinions by calling them facts by virtue of degrees or titles after the names of the authors. Every profession has its fringe, those who walk the line or just never get caught. The names are out there and they are doing unethical things, where is the profession?
  • People are so accustomed to the liberal slant of the mainstream media that they do not even realize how very much they are being manipulated just by what that media chooses to cover and discuss. Some of the things that are the most important to the people, trade deals that will mean more production and more jobs etc., are either not mentioned or buried in favor of any political dirt or rumor. Most of the media is out of control and cannot stand up to a simple consumer fact check!
  • It is NOT ACCEPTABLE for the party that loses a presidential election to spend the entire next four years tearing apart the country, telling bald face lies, trying to manufacture impeachment circumstances and conditions, setting up war rooms to take the legitimately elected president down (see mental health comments above), funding riots and violent protests, encouraging illegal activities such as easing the way for illegals to vote and registering them as well. Every day in every branch of government the democrats are blocking, attacking and slowing down the agenda that the people put President Trump into office to accomplish. Some things that Soros and the Democrats do almost verge on subversive and treasonous. They say things that have no relationship to reality and they act like they do not have good sense. There is no question but that they put loyalty to and success of party ahead of loyalty to, prosperity and safety of our country. Each year the Democratic Party seems to get more violent, more extreme, more demanding that we give up our American Heritage, culture and values. There is something really wrong with the Democratic Party.
  • Where are the Republicans? On the other hand, Republican politicians are mostly divided into conservatives and the “how’s it gonna make me look” crowd (aka: establishment crony types). Unfortunately, we seem to have more of the latter and for the last too many years they have kept themselves very busy avoiding conflict, bad publicity, dancing around controversial issues, ensuring they have proper election funding and time to campaign and protection from the laws that they pass for everyone else. Oh, don’t get me wrong, both parties are guilty of this but Republicans have been elected time and time again to stand up and do the right thing regardless of whether it is hard, controversial or publicly popular. We need a Republican Party with principles and a backbone or we need some other party.
  • We did not have an independent prosecutor with any of the Obama scandals: guns being run into Mexico to the drug cartels (1+ deaths), Benghazi (4 deaths), use of the IRS to suppress political opposition or for any of the other arguably illegal acts. Therefore, it is not logical that we need an independent criminal prosecutor simply because the democrats do not like President Trump. Congress needs to focus on healing and helping this nation move forward until some sort of evidence says otherwise. 

    Peculiar Protesting

    Well, you have to admit that it is absurd to protest to violence that President Trump has not released his tax returns. After all, I have a feeling that it would require an LLM in Tax just to read and decipher it correctly. Do those protesters plan to sit down with the President’s tax return (probably as long as a good book) and get anything from it? There is a nuclear crisis in North Korea, we are fighting a war with Isis who has almost eliminated all Christians in the Middleast, Europe is suffering under a refugee crisis, the human misery in Somalia and so many other places are intolerable…and yet, these geniuses are actually protesting for President Trump’s tax returns!

    They claim that if President Trump doesn’t release his taxes he isn’t being transparent. It is easy to see the problem with that statement since both Obama and the Clintons released their taxes and still managed to avoid even any appearance of transparency in their administrations!  Obviously, there is no correlation.

    What agency, commission, government branch, statute, court ruling, regulation or legitimate requirement states that he must open his tax return for public consumption and democratic dissection? As Americans we value our privacy and do not give it up without good cause. The only cause here is to acquire some sort of material to use against our President. There could be no other reason for this now.

    Trump should not release his taxes at all.  It is unfortunate that we have unpatriotic people who do not realize that irrespective of who you voted for, Donald Trump is now our President. We should not undermine him, sabotage him, attack him without cause, degrade him, lie about him, etc.  As citizens we should support him and appreciate the fact that he is generally doing the right things to get this nation in a more prosperous and a stronger safer place.

    No one is perfect, I only ask that he do his best and stay honest.

    In a Perfect World….

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    1. Everyone would realize that what the Constitution actually says is what should control the government, not what a Congressman or government official says the Constitution says.
    2. Nobody would believe anything the media reported without checking on it!
    3. Political party affiliation would be secondary to patriotism.
    4. Every single office, branch and department of the federal government would be audited yearly and this would be available to the public for inspection.
    5. Democrats would not be able to get away with theft, collusion, selling favors to foreign governments, associating with terrorist groups, funding radical orgs that support and encourage rioting and violence, etc.
    6. The opinions of a Senator or House Member are fairly unimportant and all would ignore them.
    7. The House and Senate would have to live by and suffer under the laws that they pass for the rest of us!
    8. The Congress would travel and recess less and work more!!
    9. Congress would not vote themselves ever more money and automatic pay raises and perks!
    10. Everyone would judge Trump fairly without the hype OR the lies and defamation. Just fairly.
    11. There would be at least one ethics course required in every high school, two semesters.
    12. Proper American History would be taught in every school, including the very many black warriors who made a difference in the revolutionary war and every war thereafter. Let’s start comming together by teaching our children that we have much to be proud of together.
    13. People would hear what is actually said, not what they expect to hear.
    14. Judges would never legislate from the bench!
    15. People would never litter.
    16. Every citizen would be a patriot armed with common sense.
    17. Civil discourse and common courtesy would be taught to and expected from everybody.
    18. Cursing would be considered the choice of those with small minds and limited vocabularies.
    19. Only citizens would vote in elections, and they would only vote once.
    20. Facebook and Google, and the other net nasties, would be stopped from collecting data and spying on people.
    21. There would be strict controls on immigration and border control.
    22. Federal agencies would be almost non-existent, there would be no entrenched fourth branch of government.
    23. All foreign leaders, kings, dictators, etc. would at least be sane and reasonable
    24. We would still have a basic respect for life and the property of others.
    25. Why not…….. There would be world peace!

    I know there is more and I wish I knew how to open the list up so anyone could add to it!

      On Lawyers….

      It seems incredible to me, but much of the media and most of the democrats have very little understanding of the legal profession in general. Perhaps it would be a good idea to review.

      Lawyers do not spontaneously write briefs and argue cases because they have personal interest in the subject matter. I realize that is going to be a shock to the media, but attorneys have clients (people who pay them to take care of a particular problem or issue) or they work for an employer (a company or the government). In both instances the lawyer is being paid for his work product, not his personal belief system. His/her knowledge and experience is being utilized exactly as one would a CPA or a Stockbroker. There are, of course, rules of ethics and every lawyer has personal standards.

      The important point that the liberal media needs to understand is that:

      1. Just because a lawyer argues a case does not mean that he agrees with or supports his client or employer.
      2. When an employer tells an attorney to find supporting law, that is not a request for that lawyer’s opinion!
      3. The brilliant arguments and persuasive reasoning in briefs and arguments are NOT from a lawyer’s heart. They are straight from the brain and many many hours of difficult research. They are nothing more than work product.
      4. If a lawyer wins a case it does not mean that he necessarily approves of the outcome, but he was paid to work for that outcome.
      5. A judge does not make law.
      6. A judge does not change a law he does not like or feels is unfair or unreasonable.
      7. A judge takes the law cited by the attorneys and applies that law impartially and without bias to the facts of the case (when not in a jury trial).

      There is almost certainly more than one thing I neglected to mention. I apologize for whatever I left out. I just hope that people stop trying to credit or blame lawyers for work product! We have enough rotten practitioners, we really don’t need for the honest lawyers to be unjustly accused.

        Drying up the Swamp

        In thinking about all of the controversy roiling around the repeal and replace of “Obamacare”, it all seems to develop problems when lobbyists and special interests get involved. Furthermore, doesn’t that seem to be the case with every piece of legislation that hits Capitol Hill?

        What part of the Constitution says that setting up people in Washington to try to manipulate our elected representatives to churn out bills which will profit them and negatively affect us is permissible? Why is lobbying even allowed? It is nothing more than the legalization of an unethical principal by which every single Congressman gets rich. They have put up a framework of rules around it to make it seem acceptable and, probably to make themselves feel better. However, the absolute truth is that those senators and congressmen were not elected by, and are not accountable to those lobbyists! When “we, the people” elect a representative, that person is bound by oath and responsibility to first and foremost do their very best for those who sent them to Washington (and pay their outrageous salary) and the citizens of the United States. 

        So…..what happens? The culture of Washington which seems to revolve around lobbyists and making deals. Other than the Freedom Caucus none of the representatives are very interested in doing what is right. They are mostly interested in power and keeping people happy back home ( by hook or crook) and making whatever deal is most profitable. They want to look good to the very liberal press so that those in their district will see how hard they are working, etc.

        Lobbying firms and businesses should be outlawed. There is no excuse for allowing them. It should be unethical for any representative to consider the interests of any corporate profit over citizens. Yes, I do understand that business affects citizens, but most of the time that excuse is stretched to fantastical proportions. 

        Our Constitutional Founders never intended for there to be a ruling political class (who just happens to get rich in the process). Senators and Congressmen were to be citizens who served for one or two terms and then got back to life, stepping aside for someone else. Imagine lobbying firms succeeding with one or two term citizens (I don’t think so)!

        Lobbying firms should be banned.

        White Privilege? 

        Ok, so I have been hearing and reading about campuses nationwide trying to call attention to white privilege. Being the curious sort I started looking for people’s explanations as to the meaning and/or definition of “white privilege”.

        One of the most frequent things I have read is that blacks are suspected of being bad or criminal simply because of their skin color. This is not true at all. Humans tend to judge people based on how they are dressed and how they present themselves. Dr. King knew this and used it well. If people would step beyond the chip on their shoulder they would realize that store security never follows the African American businessman in the nice well fitting suit standing up straight and politely saying hello to people, they also never follow the black woman or man in scrubs or a nurse’s uniform, I could go on naming examples but I think you get the idea. I would like to add that plenty of Caucasians with backpacks or droopy pants or big jackets or suspicious strollers or unusually big bags are followed every day…they just don’t brag about it. When I meet a group of guys on the street, I judge them on their demeanor. Are they horsing around? Do they stop when they see me (an older woman) if they do it does not matter what race they are, I smile and say hello (while thinking, nice boys their mothers brought them up right).

        I also read about income disparity. I know this is real. A little research shows that African American students have historically trended towards majoring in the social sciences, teaching, social work, non-profits and etc. This shows a more than admirable desire to make a difference and to help improve their communities and their nation. The downside is that these are not high paying jobs and although they are probably greatly benefiting the community they are not earning what they are probably worth. There are not enough African Americans majoring in the stem areas which do result in higher paying jobs. We would welcome more black lawyers (I know some very good ones that I have recommended), more black doctors, more black nurses, scientists, engineers, computer programmers, and so forth. The scholarships are there, some are only available to African Americans or minorities.

        There is the nebulous claim that whites have numerous unintended hidden benefits which accrue to them because they are the race holding the power in this country. I will never apologize for our Constitution. I will never endorse a false statement about the Constitution. The Constitution covers immigration as a matter of authority, immigration is not an important part of our founding document. The founding fathers put their lives on the line by signing the Declaration, by fighting in the revolution and so did our African American brothers and sisters. Their long and distinguished history filled with heroes and heroines has been dropped out of most schools. This is part of the problem we have today with the division between the races, it is the ignorance of our shared history and how very intertwined it really is. But, to the issue at hand, my belief is that, after all, it is our country. If you are comming as an immigrant to have a voice to change it or to elevate your culture to equal what was established at the founding, I am sorry. No sympathy. However, Blacks and Whites have fought together and lived together and depended on one another from the beginning. I do not believe in white privilege, there have been too many years of affirmative action. I do think there are socio-economic classes in this country. I can name more than a few African Americans in positions of power national, state and local. Our last president was Black. If you still think that white privilege is real, look up “white trash”, “hill-Billy” or go to the NCCP website where you will discover that fully 1/3 of all children in poverty are white, non-Hispanic.

        I keep thinking that some of the biggest differences between the way I was raised (or the way I raised my daughter) and the way these kids look at the world is part of the problem. I was taught that the world owes you nothing, you have to go out and earn your way. I never ever heard that I was a victim or that the government owed me anything, in fact neither did anyone else. I was taught that life is fundamentally unfair. Life is going to happen and more often than not you will reap the consequences of your own decisions to study and make good grades or not, to dress to impress the people who can pay you a good salary or not, to be a good person who makes the right connections or not. Your choices start young. I was taught to stop and think, if uncertain, get more information. I was taught to never follow blindly anyone, any organization, any group, any church or any party. I have said it over and over again even though no one hears me, “you have a brain, use it!” It has never been a sin to question and those who speak truth do not fear it. I was taught to keep an open mind. If a person is not threatening you with a weapon, the proper procedure is to state your opinion and then be quiet while he responds. After he finishes he should then be quiet while you respond. This dialogue should proceed in a civil manner, at the end of which both parties should walk away better informed and with additional food for thought.

        I know it isn’t about the loss of free speech after watching all of the post election protests and riots. I know it isn’t about lack of opportunity since diversity is a positive goal that most corporations strive for diligently. Regardless of how you unpack the knapsack I do not see “white privilege” lurking around in America. I could not cover everything, but I still even see examples of reverse discrimination on a regular basis. 

        So, let’s leave the Sociologists to their ivory towers and academic papers. We live in the real world and as such should employ common sense, powers of observation, research and critical thinking to reach a rational and realistic conclusion about this claim.

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