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One way that public opinion and attitude can be manipulated is by changing terminology and labeling. This is not new. I am seeing it being done so successfully with Social Security that even conservatives slip and call it an entitlement.

This is not about reform, SS problems or the need for something to be done. This is an irritation. The American People are forced to pay in to Social Security for all of their working life. (20, 30, 40 and even sometimes 50+ YEARS) That money is not there because Congress stole it. They have ever increasing salaries with unbelievable insurance and perks along with large staffs and etc. I am not sure how they find money for all the things they want to do and yet seem to have no funds to pay the American People back! 

Social Security is not now, and never has been, an entitlement. Calling it an entitlement will not make it one. Conditioning the public by including SS in that category might be really smart, except for one thing. When people look at the information from their paycheck, the stub does tell you exactly how much the government is taking away from you (for your own good, for retirement). 


Comment on SS

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Social Security is not a complicated issue. It is not an entitlement program or a big government give-away. It is not a socialist program. Social Security is a contract between the government and the citizens. The citizens pay money out of every paycheck for the entirety of their working lives. When the citizen reaches 65 and retires the government pays the citizen back.

The problem is very simple. Congress has stolen the money from Social Security. In other words, our elected officials in both houses in Washington led by the elite of both parties have stolen all of the money that was collected from the people and used it for pet projects, expanding Medicaid, welfare as well as many other programs for illegal aliens, Obamacare and etc. Social Security was stolen from we the people to fund programs and deals that would help those congressmen and congresswomen amass and retain power and insure re-election.

The media have grouped Social Security under entitlements hoping to protect these government programs and the liberals who support them. Congress claims that Social Security needs to be reformed before it “goes broke”. However, not one of them has gone against the crowd to speak the truth and point out that there would be no threat of “going broke” if congress had not taken the money that they did not have the right to take. I wonder what would happen to one of us if we decided to take someone else’s money and use it. Could we then patiently explain to the police that the victim must learn to budget better and simply put back more money? Would we be able to successfully redefine the problem so that the court would not blame us? Of course not! So why are we letting the crooks in Washington off the hook?

Why should we the people have to pay for what they the congress have stolen?

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