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Post Script on the Senate Race

Alabama has some pretty convoluted election laws. There is no real need to get into the nuts and bolts, but it makes me angry when these ignorant know-it-alls on talk shows claim an accusation equals an assumption of guilt. Almost every single talking head calls for Roy Moore to step aside. If he did, a liberal, anti-Second Amendment, pro-abortion, anti-tax cuts, pro-Obamacare, Democratic Party Line Voter will be guaranteed the seat with no competition. Write-in votes have very little chance of ever even being counted. When these accusations were made it was too late to withdraw Moore from the ballot and no substitutions could be made.

So, Alabamians are left with a true ethical quandary. Fortunately, we have more information on the facts and the accusers than is reported on the national media. Also, we have finally begun to see more conservative ads challenging Doug Jones on what he claims are his mainstream views and policies but which do not conform to mainstream Alabama views and opinions at all! 

December 12 Alabama voters will decide what to do, not America and not the media and not Washington.

It is a conundrum.
“The Alabama Legislature passed a law in 2016 so that write-in votes are not counted on election day. The law stipulates that write-in votes for a particular contest are not counted unless the total number of write-in votes is greater than the difference in the number of votes received by the first place and second place candidates. If that takes place, write-in votes are counted on the seventh day after the election. If the number of write-ins doesn’t meet that threshold, they are not counted.”
I know people were wondering why every democrat and every media outlet was so helpfully recommending that some trusted Republican be put forward for a write-in campaign, they never mentioned this though!


Drying Up the Swamp II

It has always seemed a trifle wonky to me that Congress can decide on its own salary and perks. I don’t think it is any coincidence that Congress gets a very healthy salary, great perks and seriously wonderful benefits. Being somewhat insulated from the results of some of the social legislation that they pass, they tend to disregard some of the harsher consequences or they forget that ordinary Americans struggle to pay more taxes in whatever form.

I have said before that I believe we should all support the Article 5 Convention of States. I say this logically and because it is the remedy set forth in the Constitution for us, instead of marching out into the street pumping my arthritic fist while yelling, “POWER TO THE PEOPLE!” Neither the Senate or the House is going to reduce its access to the candy jar, shouldn’t we (as their employers) slap the lid on it??

The entire Federal Government has its own health care. However, if the House and the Senate are going to negotiate with lobbyists and then plan out our health care then I think they should be required to live under the plans and the laws that they pass. 

Comment on SS

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Social Security is not a complicated issue. It is not an entitlement program or a big government give-away. It is not a socialist program. Social Security is a contract between the government and the citizens. The citizens pay money out of every paycheck for the entirety of their working lives. When the citizen reaches 65 and retires the government pays the citizen back.

The problem is very simple. Congress has stolen the money from Social Security. In other words, our elected officials in both houses in Washington led by the elite of both parties have stolen all of the money that was collected from the people and used it for pet projects, expanding Medicaid, welfare as well as many other programs for illegal aliens, Obamacare and etc. Social Security was stolen from we the people to fund programs and deals that would help those congressmen and congresswomen amass and retain power and insure re-election.

The media have grouped Social Security under entitlements hoping to protect these government programs and the liberals who support them. Congress claims that Social Security needs to be reformed before it “goes broke”. However, not one of them has gone against the crowd to speak the truth and point out that there would be no threat of “going broke” if congress had not taken the money that they did not have the right to take. I wonder what would happen to one of us if we decided to take someone else’s money and use it. Could we then patiently explain to the police that the victim must learn to budget better and simply put back more money? Would we be able to successfully redefine the problem so that the court would not blame us? Of course not! So why are we letting the crooks in Washington off the hook?

Why should we the people have to pay for what they the congress have stolen?

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So….Free Health Care is a Right?

It is part of The Democratic party’s pitch. It has a fundamental appeal to the human heart. We do not like to even imagine anyone having to suffer because they cannot afford a doctor. Fortunately, with Medicaid and the emergency room protocols no one is left in the cold. 

But what about this idealistic vision of free healthcare? If you are sitting at the admitting desk in a hospital checking patients in for surgery, observation and etc., will you be willing to donate your time and do this job for free so that others can get medical treatment? Or will you go to work for a business that is willing to pay you $10 to $13 an hour for similar duties? If you are volunteering your time out of the goodness of your heart, how do you pay your rent, buy your groceries or pay your bills? 

Now, what if you are a doctor, a nurse, a lab technician, a radiologist or one of the hundreds of specially trained individuals who either paid their own hard earned money for additional education and sacrificed the time required in order to obtain the proficiency needed or they have exited that time period with a substantial amount of debt. This debt is added to all of the normal expenses of living, yet if healthcare is a right and we should receive it free then no one pays.

So, you say…..well, the government will pay. Ok, how will the government, already in debt over $200 trillion (when you add in unfunded liabilities), afford to add the cost of all the nations doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics, dentists, their offices, equipment, people’s medicine and outpatient treatments, surgery, the list is absolutely endless. If the government did try to take this on, we would no longer have the greatest medical care in the world, medical care that draws people from countries like Canada, Great Britain, France, UAE, etc. Our government would have to regulate the salaries to doctors. Fewer and fewer of our brightest would go into medicine because they could make more in other fields. Prescription drug prices would also be heavily regulated, so what drug company would invest money looking for a new drug to cure cancer or diabetes? With the number of doctors entering the workforce dropping, there would eventually be more people who need care than doctors available to see them quickly. I could keep citing examples but hopefully that generally paints the picture.

If you want to look at an example of government managed healthcare, we have it already. The VA is what we will be dealing with if we turn our healthcare over to the government. I know that my examples are oversimplified, but fairly accurate nonetheless. 

We need more competition between insurance companies instead of different companies setting up fiefdoms within individual states with no competition! We need Health Savings Accounts that can be used by the entire family and that can be inherited. We need to drop Obamacare which has made healthcare more expensive and less responsive to the needs of the patient. We don’t need socialized medicine!

#socializedmedicine, #obamacare

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