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Happy Birthday, America!

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Happy Birthday and Best Wishes to my Homeland.
I celebrate belonging to her culture of freedom and individualism. I rejoice in the Bill of Rights and the ideals of justice and republicanism. I am thankful for the very many warriors who have sacrificed time, flesh and blood, clear thinking and sometimes they make the ultimate sacrifice of life for America, for us, for our way of living and our values.
I am proud to be a patriot who loves her country complete with all of its incredible innovation and spirit of generosity, its diversity, its mistakes, its problems and its sins. We are not a perfect nation, or a utopia, we are a nation of people and there are now over 250 million of us. Too many of us were not brought up with respect for American Virtues and for too long the gangs have increased membership dramatically through illegal recruitment and passage. But we can fix our problems because America does not belong to the world or to illegal aliens, it belongs to us!

We try hard. Good has usually always won out over evil because Americans have always valued independence, free thinking, Judaeo-Christian virtues and hard work . We do try hard and one reason I love my country is because until now we have always eventually straightened things out and gotten it right. There has always been a creed and a belief that we try hard to follow:

We (your people) hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator (not the government or any court) with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

God Bless America and Happy Birthday!

Double Standard?

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Looking at the current judicial approach to President Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration, the courts are very outspoken about their ability to rely on his statements made during the campaign in order to determine the intent of the Orders. It may violate judicial precedent and certainly is contrary to the facts of the case, nevertheless, reason and logic has not been allowed to intrude on these Federal Court Decisions (9th and 4th Circuits) unconstitutionally removing a legal power from the executive branch.

Whether they take it now or wait until the conclusion of the Circuit Courts’ legal proceedings, eventually this issue will be facing the Supreme Court. During the campaign, at about the same period of time as President Trump’s campaign statements, one of our SCOTUS justices spoke out publicly against candidate Trump. Justice Ginsburg made some fairly extreme statements indicating that she did not like him at all.

Since judges are required to recuse themselves in circumstances like these, and although Supreme Court Justices are exempted, there is really no good reason why this should be so. If anything, recusal should be mandatory for justices also. The cases they decide are far too important and affect far too many lives to be decided with any justice who is too biased, opinionated or Politically motivated to objectively evaluate the facts, weigh the merits fairly or render a logical Constitutionally based decision. It is bad enough that Justice Ginsburg actually feels such animus, but it is beyond concerning when she cannot keep her mouth shut about it in front of the media.

So, (to quote my grandparents) what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Or maybe we should change judicial thought and say, what is said in the campaign stays in the campaign!

Give Me Liberty…..

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For as William Lloyd Garrison opined:
“I am aware that many object to the severity of my language; but is there not cause for severity? I will be as harsh as truth, and as uncompromising as justice. On this subject, I do not wish to think, or to speak, or write, with moderation. No! no! Tell a man whose house is on fire to give a moderate alarm; tell him to moderately rescue his wife from the hands of the ravisher; tell the mother to gradually extricate her babe from the fire into which it has fallen; — but urge me not to use moderation in a cause like the present. I am in earnest — I will not equivocate — I will not excuse — I will not retreat a single inch — AND I WILL BE HEARD.”

It seems to be of no significance which party wins any election. Regardless of outcome, all of the political debate, the government’s decisions and movements, the ways and means of making decisions, everything that actually makes the government tick is manipulated skillfully by the democrats. The republicans do not fight this manipulation, in fact, the louder the message is which originates with the Democratic Party and their “talking heads” the more likely the Republicans are to give in to the pressure. After seeing this machine in action since election night, it has totally changed my mind about that party and its motives. 

Although the Democratic Party presents itself as a great representative of the people constantly keeping the government honest and diligently pursuing justice, in truth democrats have shown themselves to be totally corrupt, mindlessly in pursuit of power and deliberately blind to the negative consequences. Furthermore, the democrats have demonstrated repeatedly that they do not care about this country, its Founding Documents, our history or our culture and traditions. 

Time after time the Democratic Party has openly displayed its character for all to see, putting forth Hillary Clinton for president even when there was enough evidence made public to convict her of numerous federal violations, no republican could have, or ever would have, used the IRS to target democratic organizations in an effort to damage the opposing party, what president has ever just ordered that our borders not be enforced and that illegals be allowed in? There were so many things that Obama did that upset and distressed conservatives, republicans, libertarians, independents and free thinkers. In addition to what I have mentioned already there is “fast and furious”, Clinton’s State Department access for pay scandal, Clinton’s uranium deal with Russia, the lies told about the Iran treaty and hiding all of the secret side deals from the Congress and the people and etc.

Yet, except for Benghazi, not one investigative committee convened. No hordes of republicans took to the streets burning cars and smashing out building Windows. No republicans formed groups to attack democrats. Obama’s cabinet nominees were approved relatively quickly as were his decidedly liberal Supreme Court Judges. On most legislation, but not all, Republicans either worked with, negotiated with or just gave in to Democrats. Obama’s threatened veto on any potential bill was mighty indeed!

President Trump seems to be treated differently by the media and certainly by the Democratic Party. A Harvard Professor just finished a study and reported that the way in which the media has gone after Trump, trying to destroy him, is literally unprecedented! Never before has the media machine operated in concert together with such a singular purpose of the personal destruction of a legitimately elected president. He is denigrated, obstructed, laughed at, misrepresented and misquoted. His words are deliberately lifted out of context and twisted out of all relationship to what he originally meant. He is presumed a liar and a cheat while he is working nonstop to make America a better place for her citizens. To add insult to injury, his own party is not being all that helpful in Congress.

President Trump is making an excellent start on his term. He has signed new trade deals bringing jobs to our shores and has also issued executive orders which get rid of onerous and excessive government regulations and this too means more jobs. He has worked hard to promote American Industry, reform the tax code which will hopefully pass soon, to straighten out the health system and to turn back the tidal wave of illegal immigrants flooding across our southern border. 

President Trump has certainly shown a talent if not pure genius in foreign affairs. Trump may be unappreciated at home, but our allies absolutely do appreciate him and seem to understand him much better than we do. Isn’t it interesting that the president who our media fawned over constantly managed to damage our relationships with almost every ally. The Saudi Arabians said that they had been waiting for Trump for eight years. The judges (read Democratic Party and liberal) in the two circuits that claim Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration was issued because he was biased against Muslims should feel like total idiots now!

Always, though, facts will be ignored, buried, covered up or otherwise twisted or changed. The Democratic Party is perfectly willing to lie, threaten, destroy and commit fraud to win elections. How then can we not acknowledge that they have become more of a criminal enterprise than a political party? We cannot allow this continuing manipulation of the dialogue through the media, the persistent changing of the values and the belief systems of our young people through the liberal teachings of academia and the ever increasing rise of liberal intolerance for any other point of view. No one will stop this, no one will save us, no one is responsible for maintaining our freedom but us! In the end, each generation must fight to preserve the Liberty that we all consider our birthright. As the disaster in Venezuela has so brutally demonstrated, tyranny with all of its misery and suffering is never more than a generation away. (I wish I could remember who said that!)

We should not be watching Trump fight for us on TV. We should do whatever we can do to help!

The Truth

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I just watched Sally Yates’ testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. This post is a response to her statements that she had the authority to determine the intent behind the Executive Order on Immigration (EO), that she had the authority to act on that determination as if it were fact. I question her definition of “truth” and believe that she acted inappropriately by refusing to support the president.

The Justice Department enforces the law. However, it fulfills many other functions including pursuing and arguing cases on the government’s behalf. The Justice Department is not a private law firm and if there is a problem with a case the White House is envolved with there would usually be close collaboration and a working solution. This outlandish declaration and public grandstanding on behalf of an opposing political party is just intolerable!

In the Hearing, Ms. Yates had no problem with the Constitutionality of the EO as written. Her sole argument was that it was unconstitutional because the intent of the president was to discriminate against Muslims. This determination of intent was not hers to make. Ms. Yates stated that religious discrimination was the only truth possible for this EO. A reasonable person capable of any sort of logic should be able to understand that there can be other rational explanations for such an EO. In fact, these reasons and objectives have been widely published and are the reason why the EO had such broad public support. It is frightening to see an unelected temporary administrative employee try to block the president!

Ms. Yates’ definition of absolute truth is very interesting. Truth is. Ms. Yates’ definition of truth is what her mind determines it to be. She discounts other opinions, inconvenient facts and ignores what she doesn’t know. She shuts out the voting public and boldly declares her opinion to be THE TRUTH.

I am merely thankful that Sally Yates is no longer employed with our Justice Department.

White Privilege? 

Ok, so I have been hearing and reading about campuses nationwide trying to call attention to white privilege. Being the curious sort I started looking for people’s explanations as to the meaning and/or definition of “white privilege”.

One of the most frequent things I have read is that blacks are suspected of being bad or criminal simply because of their skin color. This is not true at all. Humans tend to judge people based on how they are dressed and how they present themselves. Dr. King knew this and used it well. If people would step beyond the chip on their shoulder they would realize that store security never follows the African American businessman in the nice well fitting suit standing up straight and politely saying hello to people, they also never follow the black woman or man in scrubs or a nurse’s uniform, I could go on naming examples but I think you get the idea. I would like to add that plenty of Caucasians with backpacks or droopy pants or big jackets or suspicious strollers or unusually big bags are followed every day…they just don’t brag about it. When I meet a group of guys on the street, I judge them on their demeanor. Are they horsing around? Do they stop when they see me (an older woman) if they do it does not matter what race they are, I smile and say hello (while thinking, nice boys their mothers brought them up right).

I also read about income disparity. I know this is real. A little research shows that African American students have historically trended towards majoring in the social sciences, teaching, social work, non-profits and etc. This shows a more than admirable desire to make a difference and to help improve their communities and their nation. The downside is that these are not high paying jobs and although they are probably greatly benefiting the community they are not earning what they are probably worth. There are not enough African Americans majoring in the stem areas which do result in higher paying jobs. We would welcome more black lawyers (I know some very good ones that I have recommended), more black doctors, more black nurses, scientists, engineers, computer programmers, and so forth. The scholarships are there, some are only available to African Americans or minorities.

There is the nebulous claim that whites have numerous unintended hidden benefits which accrue to them because they are the race holding the power in this country. I will never apologize for our Constitution. I will never endorse a false statement about the Constitution. The Constitution covers immigration as a matter of authority, immigration is not an important part of our founding document. The founding fathers put their lives on the line by signing the Declaration, by fighting in the revolution and so did our African American brothers and sisters. Their long and distinguished history filled with heroes and heroines has been dropped out of most schools. This is part of the problem we have today with the division between the races, it is the ignorance of our shared history and how very intertwined it really is. But, to the issue at hand, my belief is that, after all, it is our country. If you are comming as an immigrant to have a voice to change it or to elevate your culture to equal what was established at the founding, I am sorry. No sympathy. However, Blacks and Whites have fought together and lived together and depended on one another from the beginning. I do not believe in white privilege, there have been too many years of affirmative action. I do think there are socio-economic classes in this country. I can name more than a few African Americans in positions of power national, state and local. Our last president was Black. If you still think that white privilege is real, look up “white trash”, “hill-Billy” or go to the NCCP website where you will discover that fully 1/3 of all children in poverty are white, non-Hispanic.

I keep thinking that some of the biggest differences between the way I was raised (or the way I raised my daughter) and the way these kids look at the world is part of the problem. I was taught that the world owes you nothing, you have to go out and earn your way. I never ever heard that I was a victim or that the government owed me anything, in fact neither did anyone else. I was taught that life is fundamentally unfair. Life is going to happen and more often than not you will reap the consequences of your own decisions to study and make good grades or not, to dress to impress the people who can pay you a good salary or not, to be a good person who makes the right connections or not. Your choices start young. I was taught to stop and think, if uncertain, get more information. I was taught to never follow blindly anyone, any organization, any group, any church or any party. I have said it over and over again even though no one hears me, “you have a brain, use it!” It has never been a sin to question and those who speak truth do not fear it. I was taught to keep an open mind. If a person is not threatening you with a weapon, the proper procedure is to state your opinion and then be quiet while he responds. After he finishes he should then be quiet while you respond. This dialogue should proceed in a civil manner, at the end of which both parties should walk away better informed and with additional food for thought.

I know it isn’t about the loss of free speech after watching all of the post election protests and riots. I know it isn’t about lack of opportunity since diversity is a positive goal that most corporations strive for diligently. Regardless of how you unpack the knapsack I do not see “white privilege” lurking around in America. I could not cover everything, but I still even see examples of reverse discrimination on a regular basis. 

So, let’s leave the Sociologists to their ivory towers and academic papers. We live in the real world and as such should employ common sense, powers of observation, research and critical thinking to reach a rational and realistic conclusion about this claim.

60% of Refugee Arrivals Since Judge Halted Trump’s Order Come From 5 Terror-Prone Countries

By Patrick Goodenough | February 16, 2017 | 4:20 AM EST

60% of Refugee Arrivals Since Judge Halted Trump’s Order Come From 5 Terror-Prone Countries

( – Sixty percent of the refugees admitted into the United States since a federal judge halted President Trump’s executive order designed to prevent “foreign terrorist entry into the United States” originate from five of the seven countries identified by the administration and its predecessor as most risky.

Of the total 2,576 refugees resettled in the U.S. from around the world since U.S. District Judge James Robart’s February 3 restraining order, 1,549 (60.1 percent) are from Syria (532), Iraq (472), Somalia (363), Iran (117), and Sudan (65). No refugees have arrived from the other two applicable countries, Yemen and Libya.
Of the 2,576 refugees to have arrived since Feb. 3, 1,424 (55.3 percent) are Muslims – 817 Sunnis, 132 Shi’ites, and 475 refugees self-identified simply as Muslims, according to State Department Refugee Processing Center data.
Of the refugees hailing from the specified countries of terrorist concern, Muslims accounted for the overwhelming majority of those admitted in all cases except for Iran.

Muslims comprised 99.6 percent of the admissions from Syria; 73.5 percent of those from Iraq; 99.7 percent of those from Somalia; and 93.8 percent of those from Sudan. Of the Iranian refugees admitted, by contrast, only 9.4 percent were Muslims, while just under 60 percent were Christians of various denominations. Trump’s Jan. 27 order barred entry to the U.S. of all refugees for 120 days; prohibited entry to refugees from Syria indefinitely; and blocked all entry – immigrant and non-immigrant – by nationals of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Yemen for 90 days. (The order does not itself name the seven countries, referring instead to “countries referred to in section 217(a)(12) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1187(a)(12).” 

That law, signed by President Obama in Dec. 2015, required additional security for arrivals from Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Sudan and any other country designated by the Department of Homeland Security as a source of legitimate terrorism concerns. Two months later Obama’s DHS added Somalia, Yemen and Libya to the list of “countries of [terrorist] concern.”)
In the week between Trump’s inauguration and his Jan. 27 executive order, a total of 2,090 refugees were admitted to the U.S., of whom 918 (43.9 percent) were from the identified countries: 296 from Syria, 218 from Iraq, 211 from Somalia, 155 from Iran, 37 from Sudan, one from Yemen and none from Libya.

The following seven-day period – from the day of the executive order to the day before the judge’s restraining order – only 19 refugees were admitted from the countries of concern (18 Somalis and one Iraqi, all but two arriving on the actual day of the order). Those 19 comprised just 2.2 percent of the total 861 arrivals over that period.

The next week, from Feb. 3 to Feb. 9, saw 1,180 refugees arrive, 882 (74.7 percent) of whom were from the countries of concern.

Last Saturday, Trump tweeted that 77 percent of refugee admissions since Robart’s ruling, which was subsequently upheld on appeal, “hail from seven suspect countries.” (The actual figures at that time, according to the Refugee Processing Center data, were 402 refugees from Syria, 340 from Iraq, 155 from Somalia; 115 from Iran; 38 from Sudan; and none from Yemen or Libya, amounting together to 71.7 percent of the total admissions.)

Since then the proportion of refugees from the countries of concern has declined somewhat, although the countries continue to account for a disproportionate number of the total contingent of refugees admitted since Feb. 3.
While those five countries alone – Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia and Sudan – have provided 60.1 percent of the refugee arrivals from Feb. 3 until today, another 22 countries have together accounted for the remaining 39.9 percent.
Those 22 countries are Afghanistan (25), Bangladesh (2), Bhutan (96), Burma (147), Burundi (2), Central African Republic (12), China (1), Cuba (17), Democratic Republic of Congo (347), El Salvador (23), Eritrea (48), Ethiopia (15), Honduras (3), Moldova (10), Pakistan (24), “Palestine”(2), South Sudan (6), Russia (22), Tanzania (1), Uganda (4), Ukraine (213) and Vietnam (8).

Apart from the majority of 1,424 Muslims, other religions represented among the refugees admitted since Feb. 3 include Christians, (including Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox and evangelicals, from countries including Iraq, Iran, DRC, Ukraine and Burma), Buddhists (mostly from Bhutan), Hindus (from Bhutan), Baha’i (from Iran), Yazidis (from Iraq) and Ahmadis (from Pakistan).

Divide and Conquer

It is honestly surreal to see representatives of the media speak out on news programs alleging that Trump says things that aren’t true. I know of very few professions that hold themselves up to such a high standard of factual objectivity while consistently failing to even manage to pursue the goal! 

To make matters even worse, they get caught on a daily basis. The Democratic Party bias is no longer subtle but flagrant and this is very obvious to the American public. There is no research done on facts. Each administration is treated differently according to their party affiliation. Breaking news is covered, exaggerated or ignored depending on how it fits into the media’s agenda.

We have elected a president to correct eight years of practice and policies that a majority of the American citizens did not like and much of which was unconstitutional. The cold hard truth is that the Democratic Party and its supporters are organizing and pouring money into obstructing in all ways and any way possible. Whether true or not, whether good for the people or not, whether majority view or not. 

When you consider the large number of illegal immigrants who voted (see previous posts), I believe it is safe to assume that the popular vote margin was very small. The electoral college vote margin was substantial enough to demonstrate that Trump has broad support across the country. Anyone who has the time to actually pay attention knows that Trump is fighting the system and, most of all the Democrats, trying to get more loans for small businesses, more businesses into the inner cities, a lighter tax burden for “we, the people”, a better and cheaper medical health care system, decreasing regulations and business taxes improving the business climate for job creation and growth, negotiating cheaper contracts for needed military equipment and the list goes on and on. 

As a nation we could all come together and work to make this a better place for ourselves and our children. We should tell both parties to take a back seat to what is best for us. It should be America first and party second! Think of what we could do. Instead, those who want free college protest and riot, those who are afraid their government benefits will be taken away riot and protest, those who believe a falsehood propagated by the media protest and riot, those who are organized online and generously paid riot and protest.

What does the protesting accomplish? What good does the rioting do for the community or the nation? The Democratic Party has become the party of “no”, but it is an angry irrational “no”. I watch the interviews and many do not even know why they are there. Those that are aware of why have no idea what the facts are or what the situation is. Many are only dimly cognizant of the existence of a Constitution and no notion at all of the workings of economics or any interest in learning.

Most Americans are not willing to change the Constitution in order to accommodate the Democrats’ world view or quest for power. We tend to become alarmed at their political extremism and we dislike their behind-the-scenes political maneuvering as much as we dislike the Republicans’ crony capitalism. To be an obstructionist for the sake of selfishness is unconscionable and the destruction of property in order to make a political point is abhorrent. Attacking citizens, either verbally or physically, because they hold political views which are contrary to yours is rude and childish. Beating a person is criminal!

We should support our President and allow him to accomplish what he promised. In fact, we should help when we can. Being an obstructionist or part of the increasingly manipulative press is breaking our country apart and forcing us down a regressive path. We obviously need to become a more unified nation in order to make positive changes that will benefit everyone.

Does unlimited immigration give us a safer and more united America?

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