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Maligned and Defamed 

It is a story that isn’t too unusual in our military community, at least not in the beginning…..

This man came from a nice family but they did not have money. When it came time for college, he opted for and had a chance to go to the military academy and did very well graduating second in his class. He was popular with his classmates and well regarded by the faculty. To shorten the story as much as possible, as usually happens at some time during a military career of honor, good character and high principles, a moment of decision came after 36 years of exemplary service to our country. His values, his morals, his beliefs, his priorities were all challenged and he was tested. He was between a rock and a very hard place. He did the only thing that he could honorably do, he resigned his commission and left his beloved United States and the army to travel back to Virginia and defend his state, his home, his family and friends against military invasion. He knew that it was being planned, he knew it was coming because his resignation had been turned in because he had been offered command of the troops scheduled to attack Virginia. This man’s name, of course, was Robert E. Lee.

I know he was not fighting to prolong slavery and that he was not racist for his time since he had quietly freed his slaves ten years earlier. One former slave who stayed with him through the war was named in his will and was left a large sum of money (for that era) for education.  At a much later time this former slave (Rev. William Mack Lee) would author an autobiography in which he would describe Lee in glowing terms. He began preaching before the war and after the war he built at least four large churches and became a well known African American Preacher in Virginia. He had the autobiography printed in order to raise money for his current church. (I think he was in his eighties.)

Robert E. Lee letter dated December 27, 1856:

          I was much pleased the with President’s message. His views of the systematic and progressive efforts of certain people at the North to interfere with and change the domestic institutions of the South are truthfully and faithfully expressed. The consequences of their plans and purposes are also clearly set forth. These people must be aware that their object is both unlawful and foreign to them and to their duty, and that this institution, for which they are irresponsible and non-accountable, can only be changed by them through the agency of a civil and servile war. There are few, I believe, in this enlightened age, who will not acknowledge that slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil. It is idle to expatiate on its disadvantages. I think it is a greater evil to the white than to the colored race. 

    So far from engaging in a war to perpetuate slavery, I am rejoiced that Slavery is abolished. I believe it will be greatly for the interest of the South. So fully am I satisfied of this that I would have cheerfully lost all that I have lost by the war, and have suffered all that I have suffered to have this object attained.
    General Robert E. Lee, May 1, 1870

    So, we now have people trying to tear down this gentle man’s statue. Most who could not hold a candle to how he lived his life every day yet they think themselves qualified to judge him? How much do they really know about him, other than what the talking points say? Why has it become so easy for fringe elements to tear down monuments?

    This is becoming frightening!


    Freedom of Speech

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    “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”~Abraham Lincoln

    You can close down a discussion (free speech) in many ways. 

    You can protest and riot thereby shutting down not only the speaker or event, but in the process one achieves the added impact of destroyed property, terrorized innocent citizens and (they hope) national media coverage. The extreme left on many campuses has done this to great effect.

    You can simply call the person a racist. It does not matter whether or not it is true. In fact, yell the accusation loud enough and you might be able to provoke option number one above 👆! It is a wonderful strategy since it eliminates the need to memorize facts and figures, slower members of the group do not need to “think on their feet” or step outside of talking points and since racism is such an emotional issue it is uniquely difficult to fight even with facts. This also has had a great success rate and is a major reason that the Republican Party has been branded a party of racists when history and honest research proves otherwise.

    Those are two of the radical ways, almost always employed by the more extremist democrats because they do not have a successful argument or any good endings for their ideology. If you “shut someone up”, if you close down an event, if you prevent the dissemination of an idea you are restricting everyone’s freedom. We all have the right and the freedom to listen to, and walk away from, speech and ideas of every sort. 

    No political party, No foreign national (think Soros paying protesters and rioters), No college academic or gang of students, Not even the government has the power to change our absolute rights under the Constitution! Free speech is number one in the Bill of Rights and its placement is an indication of the importance it held in the political discussions of the day. It was important in the discussions held in almost every state during the ratification process. We tend to take it for granted now, but this freedom can be nibbled away, gradually eroded without most citizens even paying attention.

    Protected speech is not comfortable speech. Protected speech is usually different, objectionable to some, offensive to others, it may make you angry or it may make you stop and think. Protected speech is free speech not because it makes you uncomfortable but because the free expression of ideas is part of true Liberty. 

    Each generation is challenged to maintain and preserve our Constitution and Liberty. The circumstances differ and the environment, both social and political, changes. The younger generation has not been grounded in a complete history of this nation and it constantly amazes me how jaded and anti-American they can be. There is much about our history they just are not taught. Depending on the school, what they are actually taught varies from a slanted version of events to skipping over all but the darker parts of our history and then concentrating on those. All nations have them, they should be acknowledged and taught, but only in context with the rest of American History!

    Without a more thorough and balanced approach to US history we will be missing at least one generation of patriotic and knowledgeable Americans to watch the politicians and fight for free speech and our other guaranteed rights. 

    So, will we have our rights and freedoms in twenty years? 

    Give Me Liberty…..

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    For as William Lloyd Garrison opined:
    “I am aware that many object to the severity of my language; but is there not cause for severity? I will be as harsh as truth, and as uncompromising as justice. On this subject, I do not wish to think, or to speak, or write, with moderation. No! no! Tell a man whose house is on fire to give a moderate alarm; tell him to moderately rescue his wife from the hands of the ravisher; tell the mother to gradually extricate her babe from the fire into which it has fallen; — but urge me not to use moderation in a cause like the present. I am in earnest — I will not equivocate — I will not excuse — I will not retreat a single inch — AND I WILL BE HEARD.”

    It seems to be of no significance which party wins any election. Regardless of outcome, all of the political debate, the government’s decisions and movements, the ways and means of making decisions, everything that actually makes the government tick is manipulated skillfully by the democrats. The republicans do not fight this manipulation, in fact, the louder the message is which originates with the Democratic Party and their “talking heads” the more likely the Republicans are to give in to the pressure. After seeing this machine in action since election night, it has totally changed my mind about that party and its motives. 

    Although the Democratic Party presents itself as a great representative of the people constantly keeping the government honest and diligently pursuing justice, in truth democrats have shown themselves to be totally corrupt, mindlessly in pursuit of power and deliberately blind to the negative consequences. Furthermore, the democrats have demonstrated repeatedly that they do not care about this country, its Founding Documents, our history or our culture and traditions. 

    Time after time the Democratic Party has openly displayed its character for all to see, putting forth Hillary Clinton for president even when there was enough evidence made public to convict her of numerous federal violations, no republican could have, or ever would have, used the IRS to target democratic organizations in an effort to damage the opposing party, what president has ever just ordered that our borders not be enforced and that illegals be allowed in? There were so many things that Obama did that upset and distressed conservatives, republicans, libertarians, independents and free thinkers. In addition to what I have mentioned already there is “fast and furious”, Clinton’s State Department access for pay scandal, Clinton’s uranium deal with Russia, the lies told about the Iran treaty and hiding all of the secret side deals from the Congress and the people and etc.

    Yet, except for Benghazi, not one investigative committee convened. No hordes of republicans took to the streets burning cars and smashing out building Windows. No republicans formed groups to attack democrats. Obama’s cabinet nominees were approved relatively quickly as were his decidedly liberal Supreme Court Judges. On most legislation, but not all, Republicans either worked with, negotiated with or just gave in to Democrats. Obama’s threatened veto on any potential bill was mighty indeed!

    President Trump seems to be treated differently by the media and certainly by the Democratic Party. A Harvard Professor just finished a study and reported that the way in which the media has gone after Trump, trying to destroy him, is literally unprecedented! Never before has the media machine operated in concert together with such a singular purpose of the personal destruction of a legitimately elected president. He is denigrated, obstructed, laughed at, misrepresented and misquoted. His words are deliberately lifted out of context and twisted out of all relationship to what he originally meant. He is presumed a liar and a cheat while he is working nonstop to make America a better place for her citizens. To add insult to injury, his own party is not being all that helpful in Congress.

    President Trump is making an excellent start on his term. He has signed new trade deals bringing jobs to our shores and has also issued executive orders which get rid of onerous and excessive government regulations and this too means more jobs. He has worked hard to promote American Industry, reform the tax code which will hopefully pass soon, to straighten out the health system and to turn back the tidal wave of illegal immigrants flooding across our southern border. 

    President Trump has certainly shown a talent if not pure genius in foreign affairs. Trump may be unappreciated at home, but our allies absolutely do appreciate him and seem to understand him much better than we do. Isn’t it interesting that the president who our media fawned over constantly managed to damage our relationships with almost every ally. The Saudi Arabians said that they had been waiting for Trump for eight years. The judges (read Democratic Party and liberal) in the two circuits that claim Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration was issued because he was biased against Muslims should feel like total idiots now!

    Always, though, facts will be ignored, buried, covered up or otherwise twisted or changed. The Democratic Party is perfectly willing to lie, threaten, destroy and commit fraud to win elections. How then can we not acknowledge that they have become more of a criminal enterprise than a political party? We cannot allow this continuing manipulation of the dialogue through the media, the persistent changing of the values and the belief systems of our young people through the liberal teachings of academia and the ever increasing rise of liberal intolerance for any other point of view. No one will stop this, no one will save us, no one is responsible for maintaining our freedom but us! In the end, each generation must fight to preserve the Liberty that we all consider our birthright. As the disaster in Venezuela has so brutally demonstrated, tyranny with all of its misery and suffering is never more than a generation away. (I wish I could remember who said that!)

    We should not be watching Trump fight for us on TV. We should do whatever we can do to help!

    In a Perfect World….

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    1. Everyone would realize that what the Constitution actually says is what should control the government, not what a Congressman or government official says the Constitution says.
    2. Nobody would believe anything the media reported without checking on it!
    3. Political party affiliation would be secondary to patriotism.
    4. Every single office, branch and department of the federal government would be audited yearly and this would be available to the public for inspection.
    5. Democrats would not be able to get away with theft, collusion, selling favors to foreign governments, associating with terrorist groups, funding radical orgs that support and encourage rioting and violence, etc.
    6. The opinions of a Senator or House Member are fairly unimportant and all would ignore them.
    7. The House and Senate would have to live by and suffer under the laws that they pass for the rest of us!
    8. The Congress would travel and recess less and work more!!
    9. Congress would not vote themselves ever more money and automatic pay raises and perks!
    10. Everyone would judge Trump fairly without the hype OR the lies and defamation. Just fairly.
    11. There would be at least one ethics course required in every high school, two semesters.
    12. Proper American History would be taught in every school, including the very many black warriors who made a difference in the revolutionary war and every war thereafter. Let’s start comming together by teaching our children that we have much to be proud of together.
    13. People would hear what is actually said, not what they expect to hear.
    14. Judges would never legislate from the bench!
    15. People would never litter.
    16. Every citizen would be a patriot armed with common sense.
    17. Civil discourse and common courtesy would be taught to and expected from everybody.
    18. Cursing would be considered the choice of those with small minds and limited vocabularies.
    19. Only citizens would vote in elections, and they would only vote once.
    20. Facebook and Google, and the other net nasties, would be stopped from collecting data and spying on people.
    21. There would be strict controls on immigration and border control.
    22. Federal agencies would be almost non-existent, there would be no entrenched fourth branch of government.
    23. All foreign leaders, kings, dictators, etc. would at least be sane and reasonable
    24. We would still have a basic respect for life and the property of others.
    25. Why not…….. There would be world peace!

    I know there is more and I wish I knew how to open the list up so anyone could add to it!

      On Lawyers….

      It seems incredible to me, but much of the media and most of the democrats have very little understanding of the legal profession in general. Perhaps it would be a good idea to review.

      Lawyers do not spontaneously write briefs and argue cases because they have personal interest in the subject matter. I realize that is going to be a shock to the media, but attorneys have clients (people who pay them to take care of a particular problem or issue) or they work for an employer (a company or the government). In both instances the lawyer is being paid for his work product, not his personal belief system. His/her knowledge and experience is being utilized exactly as one would a CPA or a Stockbroker. There are, of course, rules of ethics and every lawyer has personal standards.

      The important point that the liberal media needs to understand is that:

      1. Just because a lawyer argues a case does not mean that he agrees with or supports his client or employer.
      2. When an employer tells an attorney to find supporting law, that is not a request for that lawyer’s opinion!
      3. The brilliant arguments and persuasive reasoning in briefs and arguments are NOT from a lawyer’s heart. They are straight from the brain and many many hours of difficult research. They are nothing more than work product.
      4. If a lawyer wins a case it does not mean that he necessarily approves of the outcome, but he was paid to work for that outcome.
      5. A judge does not make law.
      6. A judge does not change a law he does not like or feels is unfair or unreasonable.
      7. A judge takes the law cited by the attorneys and applies that law impartially and without bias to the facts of the case (when not in a jury trial).

      There is almost certainly more than one thing I neglected to mention. I apologize for whatever I left out. I just hope that people stop trying to credit or blame lawyers for work product! We have enough rotten practitioners, we really don’t need for the honest lawyers to be unjustly accused.

        White Privilege? 

        Ok, so I have been hearing and reading about campuses nationwide trying to call attention to white privilege. Being the curious sort I started looking for people’s explanations as to the meaning and/or definition of “white privilege”.

        One of the most frequent things I have read is that blacks are suspected of being bad or criminal simply because of their skin color. This is not true at all. Humans tend to judge people based on how they are dressed and how they present themselves. Dr. King knew this and used it well. If people would step beyond the chip on their shoulder they would realize that store security never follows the African American businessman in the nice well fitting suit standing up straight and politely saying hello to people, they also never follow the black woman or man in scrubs or a nurse’s uniform, I could go on naming examples but I think you get the idea. I would like to add that plenty of Caucasians with backpacks or droopy pants or big jackets or suspicious strollers or unusually big bags are followed every day…they just don’t brag about it. When I meet a group of guys on the street, I judge them on their demeanor. Are they horsing around? Do they stop when they see me (an older woman) if they do it does not matter what race they are, I smile and say hello (while thinking, nice boys their mothers brought them up right).

        I also read about income disparity. I know this is real. A little research shows that African American students have historically trended towards majoring in the social sciences, teaching, social work, non-profits and etc. This shows a more than admirable desire to make a difference and to help improve their communities and their nation. The downside is that these are not high paying jobs and although they are probably greatly benefiting the community they are not earning what they are probably worth. There are not enough African Americans majoring in the stem areas which do result in higher paying jobs. We would welcome more black lawyers (I know some very good ones that I have recommended), more black doctors, more black nurses, scientists, engineers, computer programmers, and so forth. The scholarships are there, some are only available to African Americans or minorities.

        There is the nebulous claim that whites have numerous unintended hidden benefits which accrue to them because they are the race holding the power in this country. I will never apologize for our Constitution. I will never endorse a false statement about the Constitution. The Constitution covers immigration as a matter of authority, immigration is not an important part of our founding document. The founding fathers put their lives on the line by signing the Declaration, by fighting in the revolution and so did our African American brothers and sisters. Their long and distinguished history filled with heroes and heroines has been dropped out of most schools. This is part of the problem we have today with the division between the races, it is the ignorance of our shared history and how very intertwined it really is. But, to the issue at hand, my belief is that, after all, it is our country. If you are comming as an immigrant to have a voice to change it or to elevate your culture to equal what was established at the founding, I am sorry. No sympathy. However, Blacks and Whites have fought together and lived together and depended on one another from the beginning. I do not believe in white privilege, there have been too many years of affirmative action. I do think there are socio-economic classes in this country. I can name more than a few African Americans in positions of power national, state and local. Our last president was Black. If you still think that white privilege is real, look up “white trash”, “hill-Billy” or go to the NCCP website where you will discover that fully 1/3 of all children in poverty are white, non-Hispanic.

        I keep thinking that some of the biggest differences between the way I was raised (or the way I raised my daughter) and the way these kids look at the world is part of the problem. I was taught that the world owes you nothing, you have to go out and earn your way. I never ever heard that I was a victim or that the government owed me anything, in fact neither did anyone else. I was taught that life is fundamentally unfair. Life is going to happen and more often than not you will reap the consequences of your own decisions to study and make good grades or not, to dress to impress the people who can pay you a good salary or not, to be a good person who makes the right connections or not. Your choices start young. I was taught to stop and think, if uncertain, get more information. I was taught to never follow blindly anyone, any organization, any group, any church or any party. I have said it over and over again even though no one hears me, “you have a brain, use it!” It has never been a sin to question and those who speak truth do not fear it. I was taught to keep an open mind. If a person is not threatening you with a weapon, the proper procedure is to state your opinion and then be quiet while he responds. After he finishes he should then be quiet while you respond. This dialogue should proceed in a civil manner, at the end of which both parties should walk away better informed and with additional food for thought.

        I know it isn’t about the loss of free speech after watching all of the post election protests and riots. I know it isn’t about lack of opportunity since diversity is a positive goal that most corporations strive for diligently. Regardless of how you unpack the knapsack I do not see “white privilege” lurking around in America. I could not cover everything, but I still even see examples of reverse discrimination on a regular basis. 

        So, let’s leave the Sociologists to their ivory towers and academic papers. We live in the real world and as such should employ common sense, powers of observation, research and critical thinking to reach a rational and realistic conclusion about this claim.

        Religious Test?

        So what exactly do those democrats mean when they claim that we are violating the Constitution by applying religious tests to refugees? 

        Do they mean that the Constitution applies to all people everywhere instead of just United States Citizens? 

        Do they mean that exterminating every one of the Christians in the Middle East is preferable to discriminating against Muslims? 

        Do they mean that anyone in the world has a right to come here if they want to? 

        Do they mean that American Citizens should have no say and no control over what kind of people come into our country? 

        After seeing the democrats in action, specifically the appalling way that they twist the Constitution to serve their purposes and ignore it when they can’t, I really shouldn’t be surprised.  We absolutely can apply religious tests to immigrants and refugees. They are not citizens and are not under the authority and protection of the Constitution. As a sovereign nation we have every right in the world to decide who would make good citizens and assimilate well into our culture and who would not. 

        As a nation established on Judeo-Christian values, it is perfectly understandable if we should choose to bring over the very few remaining Christians in the Middle East since they have practically been eliminated by ISIS and are cruelly tortured, small children are being crucified, whole families are massacred and they have vanished entirely from certain areas. 

        I am not at all interested in the crowd size of the protesters or what they are chanting. I am very sorry that some unlucky travelers got caught up in the limbo of bad planning and inexperience. Also, let’s face it the President is working at a disadvantage since he doesn’t have the large majority of his cabinet yet. He will make mistakes, but he is taking steps in the right direction and doing his best to make his countrymen safer. I trust that the situation will be corrected soon. Honestly, it probably could have been fixed easier and with less red tape if there had not been all of these protests and marches.

         As a common ordinary citizen from flyover country I am tired of the media exaggeration and spin. I am impatient with politicians who assume we are all naive and rather stupid. Finally, I am sick of the liberals who seem to be determined to destroy my beautiful America. 

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