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I have come to the conclusion that the Republican Party has lost its focus and no longer is working together under a unifying ideology. The old guard Republicans are now called Conservatives and do have an ideology but it no longer fits in with the new Republican Party methods and motives. Most of the establishment republicans, those who control the party and who have infested Capitol Hill do not share an ideology with grass roots Republicans or Conservatives. To be blunt, they are greedy, power hungry, crooked people and they give all republicans a bad name.
Steve Hilton brought an old idea back into the light. Part of the problem with politicians is that they are funded by big corporations, big money private donors, big pacs and special interests. It takes away the importance of the voter and places control with the big money. Until 1986, every citizen could donate a limited amount to a political campaign and deduct it from their tax bill. This encouraged greater citizen participation, it forced congress to pay more attention to their voters, more small donations added up and controls could be more easily applied to large donations (well, it sounds good…).

Limits, regulations and caps should be placed on campaign donations by some agency other than congress – perhaps an arm of the DOJ or Treasury. Capitol Hill has already shown the inability to regulate or police themselves. Taking it a step further, lobbyists should also be rigidly controlled and regulated by that same agency. No body of government with so many members holding the power of the people can be trusted to self-police and self-regulate when the record thus far has been so totally abysmal. Our representatives in Washington are sadly out of touch with everyone but the media, scandals and back room deals are the norm. Too many members leave Washington wealthier by far than a Congressional salary can account for. Too many go on lavish trips, visit foreign countries, receive expensive gifts, etc.. (Is this why people run for office?)

John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and many other of our founders made it very clear that a virtuous citizenry was necessary for a thriving republic. To our shame, the congress (we elected and have repeatedly re-elected) is mostly corrupt. Also, we have allowed a culture of dysfunction, theft, greed, corruption, moral depravity and party over country to take over our nation’s capitol. I say this because we do not look at how they vote, we listen to the lies they tell at election time and then those with the most money who run more advertisements and throw the most mud win. 

None of us are perfect, but each of us is closer to virtuous than those in Washington who refuse to do anything about healthcare while so many people suffer without any healthcare at all or who cannot afford the co-pays, those who make us pay for a much better healthcare system for them, their families, their staffers and their families. Those ones who will probably fight President Trump tooth and nail rather than allow citizens to keep more of their own money by reforming the tax code but who have planted numerous loopholes in the current tax code for themselves and their donors.

Our First Congress served the nation and took their duties to their fellow citizens seriously. They sacrificed to serve one or two terms and then they went home. Working in Washington was not considered a path to wealth and a secure retirement. Budgeting America’s money was a sacred trust. The United States of America was born a republic, not a democracy. We did not want a massive controlling central government and fluctuating mob rule. It was brilliant, it was constructed for stability and it was built to endure for their progeny.

Well Progeny, here we are…….

We need a few changes. 

We need The Convention of States!           



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  1. I wish there was a way you could get this published in an OPED somewhere. I would certainly send it to Levin. This is one of your best yet and it was one of the Founders that said something to the effect of “Serving in the Congress should require a sacrifice for the time of service and in no way should contribute to the largess of the one serving.”
    I just ran across this Jefferson quote which I think was very prescient: “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” It lasted for a while at least, but we’re almost over the edge with this entitlement mindset. CoS seems to be about the only way out and I think we need 18 more states to sign up.

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    • I am very proud to say that Alabama was one of the first states to “climb on board”. You are correct, we just need a few more state legislatures to pass this. After all, it is the Founders’ remedy for what ails us! Thank you for the comment, that means a great deal to me coming from you. 😊



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