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Peculiar Protesting

Well, you have to admit that it is absurd to protest to violence that President Trump has not released his tax returns. After all, I have a feeling that it would require an LLM in Tax just to read and decipher it correctly. Do those protesters plan to sit down with the President’s tax return (probably as long as a good book) and get anything from it? There is a nuclear crisis in North Korea, we are fighting a war with Isis who has almost eliminated all Christians in the Middleast, Europe is suffering under a refugee crisis, the human misery in Somalia and so many other places are intolerable…and yet, these geniuses are actually protesting for President Trump’s tax returns!

They claim that if President Trump doesn’t release his taxes he isn’t being transparent. It is easy to see the problem with that statement since both Obama and the Clintons released their taxes and still managed to avoid even any appearance of transparency in their administrations!  Obviously, there is no correlation.

What agency, commission, government branch, statute, court ruling, regulation or legitimate requirement states that he must open his tax return for public consumption and democratic dissection? As Americans we value our privacy and do not give it up without good cause. The only cause here is to acquire some sort of material to use against our President. There could be no other reason for this now.

Trump should not release his taxes at all.  It is unfortunate that we have unpatriotic people who do not realize that irrespective of who you voted for, Donald Trump is now our President. We should not undermine him, sabotage him, attack him without cause, degrade him, lie about him, etc.  As citizens we should support him and appreciate the fact that he is generally doing the right things to get this nation in a more prosperous and a stronger safer place.

No one is perfect, I only ask that he do his best and stay honest.


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Political and social opinion - unsubstantiated, unaffiliated and slightly aged for flavor. Faithfully waiving Old Glory for truth, justice and the proverbial Traditional American Way!

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