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In a Perfect World….

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  1. Everyone would realize that what the Constitution actually says is what should control the government, not what a Congressman or government official says the Constitution says.
  2. Nobody would believe anything the media reported without checking on it!
  3. Political party affiliation would be secondary to patriotism.
  4. Every single office, branch and department of the federal government would be audited yearly and this would be available to the public for inspection.
  5. Democrats would not be able to get away with theft, collusion, selling favors to foreign governments, associating with terrorist groups, funding radical orgs that support and encourage rioting and violence, etc.
  6. The opinions of a Senator or House Member are fairly unimportant and all would ignore them.
  7. The House and Senate would have to live by and suffer under the laws that they pass for the rest of us!
  8. The Congress would travel and recess less and work more!!
  9. Congress would not vote themselves ever more money and automatic pay raises and perks!
  10. Everyone would judge Trump fairly without the hype OR the lies and defamation. Just fairly.
  11. There would be at least one ethics course required in every high school, two semesters.
  12. Proper American History would be taught in every school, including the very many black warriors who made a difference in the revolutionary war and every war thereafter. Let’s start comming together by teaching our children that we have much to be proud of together.
  13. People would hear what is actually said, not what they expect to hear.
  14. Judges would never legislate from the bench!
  15. People would never litter.
  16. Every citizen would be a patriot armed with common sense.
  17. Civil discourse and common courtesy would be taught to and expected from everybody.
  18. Cursing would be considered the choice of those with small minds and limited vocabularies.
  19. Only citizens would vote in elections, and they would only vote once.
  20. Facebook and Google, and the other net nasties, would be stopped from collecting data and spying on people.
  21. There would be strict controls on immigration and border control.
  22. Federal agencies would be almost non-existent, there would be no entrenched fourth branch of government.
  23. All foreign leaders, kings, dictators, etc. would at least be sane and reasonable
  24. We would still have a basic respect for life and the property of others.
  25. Why not…….. There would be world peace!

I know there is more and I wish I knew how to open the list up so anyone could add to it!


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    Political and social opinion - unsubstantiated, unaffiliated and slightly aged for flavor. Faithfully waiving Old Glory for truth, justice and the proverbial Traditional American Way!

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    1. above:

      “The Congress would travel and recess less and work more!!”

      Perhaps, it would be better if the Congress were only in session for a month or two each year and thus would only have enough time to address the pressing matters. Even at the state level, year round legislative bodies have found time to take our freedoms incrementally.

      How about a return to the originalist practice of having state legislatures select their state’s 2 US senators?!

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      • It would return more power to the states which was the way it was intended.
        I do think you have a good point. If they only met two months a year, though, you know they would never even think of decreasing salary or perks. Even worse, they would use that time to make more government funded trips overseas. I don’t know. But your point on the Senators is well taken. I think it would be extremely interesting to see how the population of that body would be changed!!



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