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Religious Test?

So what exactly do those democrats mean when they claim that we are violating the Constitution by applying religious tests to refugees? 

Do they mean that the Constitution applies to all people everywhere instead of just United States Citizens? 

Do they mean that exterminating every one of the Christians in the Middle East is preferable to discriminating against Muslims? 

Do they mean that anyone in the world has a right to come here if they want to? 

Do they mean that American Citizens should have no say and no control over what kind of people come into our country? 

After seeing the democrats in action, specifically the appalling way that they twist the Constitution to serve their purposes and ignore it when they can’t, I really shouldn’t be surprised.  We absolutely can apply religious tests to immigrants and refugees. They are not citizens and are not under the authority and protection of the Constitution. As a sovereign nation we have every right in the world to decide who would make good citizens and assimilate well into our culture and who would not. 

As a nation established on Judeo-Christian values, it is perfectly understandable if we should choose to bring over the very few remaining Christians in the Middle East since they have practically been eliminated by ISIS and are cruelly tortured, small children are being crucified, whole families are massacred and they have vanished entirely from certain areas. 

I am not at all interested in the crowd size of the protesters or what they are chanting. I am very sorry that some unlucky travelers got caught up in the limbo of bad planning and inexperience. Also, let’s face it the President is working at a disadvantage since he doesn’t have the large majority of his cabinet yet. He will make mistakes, but he is taking steps in the right direction and doing his best to make his countrymen safer. I trust that the situation will be corrected soon. Honestly, it probably could have been fixed easier and with less red tape if there had not been all of these protests and marches.

 As a common ordinary citizen from flyover country I am tired of the media exaggeration and spin. I am impatient with politicians who assume we are all naive and rather stupid. Finally, I am sick of the liberals who seem to be determined to destroy my beautiful America. 



After watching almost two years of Donald Trump press coverage, I have lost all hope for objectivity and old fashioned journalism. Actually, I suppose I let go of that sometime during Obama’s administration. But, my point in posting this is the media’s approach to President Trump and the coverage they are providing.

For decades our president has been insulated, protected and edited from/for the press and consequently the American people. I think this has created something of an unnecessary aura of gravitas and significance around every single statement or comment from the president. So, as this has this has been the standard for so long, this is how the press treats everything out of President Trump’s Twitter account or casual interview. 

I think that the press is so blinded by their bias, so embarrassed by the exposure of collusion with the DNC and in some cases the Clinton campaign that they have not given Donald Trump an honest evaluation. He has never been a politician and does not know how to live his life in that manner. He has not spent his adult life turning words over and over in his head analyzing for how they might offend any possible voting block before he speaks them. He is honest about how he feels but will follow the wishes of those who elected him and the judgement of the leaders he picked as experts in their fields. This man is a successfull businessman who saw his nation in dire need and stepped up to solve problems and make life better for his fellow citizens.

The press doesn’t get it. Most of the people do get it. President Trump does not intend for every word he drops to carry great meaning or even sincerely held beliefs. He uses the press to send signals to foreign governments (Russia) by saying a few nice things doesn’t he signal a willingness to negotiate without bias? Isn’t it better to catch the man across the table off guard? Wouldn’t the better strategy be to lull your opponent into believing you really liked and/or admired him? If you are negotiating from strength this would be a potent combination. To me the media seems shallow, they take everything at face value and they either do not research at all or they will not publish anything that puts him in a positive light. He lets off steam on his Twitter account, America laughs and understands while the press is horrified and claims it is an international incident. The president cracks a dry joke, an aside, once again America laughs and gets it, the press blows it up into a national problem and labels him insensitive. Things are out of control!

It is certainly obvious that most of the press has no idea how to take the President. They have not deciphered when he is serious and when he is being humorous. They have been wrong about his governing style, his attitude towards women, his being a racist and so much more. If a layman (like me) can easily find out how he treats women in his business and experiences of minorities who have worked for him then it would be hard to convince me that all of the MSM articles and shows on Donald Trump being a misogynist and a racist were an honest mistake! Now that he is president the media is no longer working to elect Hillary Clinton, we as an intelligent rational public have a right to expect intelligent, rational, fair and unbiased reporting. The press needs to focus on the news, not on how the president will offend them or how they can spin a news story into a negative.

President Trump deserves fair treatment by the media. But even more importantly, all of the American People who are interested in the facts and the progress being made by this administration in fulfilling its campaign promises deserve better. We are not interested in MSM opinions on our president. The media has proven itself to be unreliable and manipulative, with very few exceptions, they need to step back and take a second look.

Values or Virtues?

I am an American. I believe in the imagination, the basic goodness and the intelligence of the American people. Because of the unprecedented foresight and wisdom of our founding fathers we have the uncommon benefit of living in a country that has historically represented freedom, democracy and virtue. We are a rich nation, and since we are strong entrepreneurs and the world economy is not a zero sum game, we did not become wealthy by taking money or resources away from any other country. Yes, like every other government that has ever existed we have made mistakes and done things we wish we had not. But, unlike any other government we have corrected our course each time and pursued corrective action. 

Any country’s history is a story of human nature. There are heroes, villains, malcontents, Patriots, spies, traitors, subversives, great leaders and an endless series of stories that when woven together become a most compelling, interesting and beautiful tapestry of United States history. The sadness of a mother’s sacrifice, the joy of graduating, the shock of seeing friends die on the battlefield, police and firemen running into the collapsing towers on 9/11, a stranger stopping to help a woman pick up groceries from a split bag, one neighbor helping another and I could list millions of stories that occur every day, that have happened every day going back to the very beginning of our nation.

It is our country, her heart and soul composed of her beloved people, all of them. Just as it is in life, America is what we make of her, how we treat her, the way we regard her and whether we take care of her. We are the children of liberty and the defenders of freedom. Government derives its power from the consent of the governed, but we are not a pure democracy and we were never designed or intended to be. Our God given rights cannot be taken away by the government or by a majority vote of an uneducated uninformed mob. Our consent rests in the Constitution. When any branch of our government steps beyond the boundaries of the Constitution I believe there is a real question as to whether it is retaining its legitimacy to govern. To look at it another way, the government is breaking the contract.

The president has limited but specific powers. The same is true for the legislative and judicial branches. All three have become a distorted imitation of what they were originally established to be. An illegal fourth branch has grown up which issues regulations and mandates having the force and penalty of law. This is clearly unconstitutional. Originally, states were to hold most of the power and citizens were to have more control over their government. This has been re-engineered to concentrate more power in Washington.

Through the uniquely American tradition of peacefully transferring power every four to eight years, we are now looking at a new president and a new administration after eight years of presidential abuse of power, refusal to enforce the nation’s laws, aiding the nation’s enemies, using the IRS to target political groups, taking race relations back decades, creating hostility towards our police and ETC. After all, there is almost too much to list. 

I am extremely hopeful that the new administration will be able to restore much of what the previous administration destroyed. I believe in the resilience and basic fairness of the American people. When government is not standing in the way but rather standing with its citizens then we can do anything. Our country thrives and advances on the people’s virtue and honor, on the goodness and generosity in our hearts. When we have a government that does not threaten our rights and does not allow the mob to threaten any citizen’s rights, things will be improving, maybe then more people will understand Donald Trump and the desire in the hearts of his supporters for the country and especially the economy to be improved for every single segment of the nation.

Picking on the Media..Again!

For a group of people who claim to be so politically savvy, I have a difficult time following the thought processes of the MSM. I just keep hearing that Trump is too trusting of Putin. The media jumps on every comment or compliment that Trump makes about Putin, takes it at face value and then assumes Trump is naive.

It does not take much reflection to conclude that Trump’s business empire could not have been built by a stupid, shallow or naive man. That being said, we should also remember that Putin is also not a stupid, ignorant or naive man. Assuming that both men will be negotiating for some sort of stable relationship and that each hopes to prevail in the upcoming pow-wow, both men are obviously being very polite and congenial (at least outwardly). It isn’t like it will probably last. It costs neither to try honey before vinegar. But Trump cannot play his part if he is saying something totally different to the American people. Putin would deal with him in an entirely different way. I think “arm’s length”would just barely cover it.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, Donald Trump does tend to make his opinions and views known. He is not accustomed to restraining himself and obviously believes strongly in freedom of expression. But to think that he can be taken at face value is lack of good judgement. This man makes multi-million dollar deals and succeeded in the New York real estate market, how many people can say that? It takes more than brains, it takes being a good judge of people, it takes street smarts and it takes drive and energy. To be fair it takes a lot more than that, but the MSM needs to stop thinking that he is a simple man.

And he is not naive.

Obvious and IrrefutableĀ 

Today I have seen the disgusting Facebook video of four African American teens abusing and torturing a mentally disabled  Caucasian American teen. To make the situation even worse, these people were not strangers to one another.

The disabled white boy was beaten, cut, made to drink toilet water, humiliated, wrongfully held against his will and heaven only knows what else he endured. The criminals only streamed thirty minutes of the poor teen’s hours long ordeal live on Facebook. The news only showed a small portion of that thirty minutes. That small portion, filled with hateful racial epithets and torture was horrifying and shocking. 

Despite the claims made by some segments of BLM, racism does not just have black or Muslim victims by definition. Bigotry, racism, predjudice are blind hatred and ignorance towards/about those who are different from us. Those who look different, who think differently, who worship differently, who are just different. It is intolerance of the nastiest kind. Any form of violence or mistreatment accompanied by racial slurs is blatantly and obviously a racial hate crime (moral vs. legal approach). A rational person would apply the same standard to all races, all religions and all people. Our nation operates in this manner and as a people we have always held strongly to the doctrine of fairness. Therefore, it is imminently reasonable to ask why we are suddenly seeing an increase in black on white hate crimes. Crimes that are being recorded and posted on line in one version or another. 

The increasing level of virulent hatred pouring off of the mobs of African American protesters featured entirely too often on main stream media along with the rediculous statements and claims of BLM together with the steady and threatening leftward progression of the Democratic Party have produced a very volatile environment. We all talk about how racially divided America is and how radically attitudes have altered during the last decade. As Americans with common history, common loyalties and common interests we should begin working on that problem. Perhaps now, with Obama out of office, we can begin to heal.

As for the video, it is definitely a hate crime (both legally and morally). There is no possible argument that can be made to support the theory that hate crimes can only be committed against blacks or that only whites can be racist. What is in front of us is a video of four blacks abusing a boy because he is white. What is staring us in the face is the literal definition of racism. 

Logic cannot coexist with the twisted thinking of the left. Instead of falling victim to redefined or repurposed language, we must insist that words retain their normal common usage also reason and sanity must once again rule our national dialogue. Our schools must be taken away from the teacher’s unions, our government must be taken back from the entrenched political elite of both parties and we all need to be kind to one another.

Perhaps I am being too simplistic. I have many more suggestions, but..remember the mustard seed?

The Amazing Media

I just heard a commentator state that President-elect Trump will be a serious threat to the First Ammendment. After lamenting the unconstitutional ouster of certain news agencies from his press entourage there was a general rant on his episode with Megyn Kelly and his staff’s reference to reorganization of the daily press briefing and etc…

The first thing I would have liked to loudly vocalize at the TV (I am trying to be nice to idiots in 2017) is that if President-elect Trump restricts the access of any media outlet or kicks any journalist off of his entourage, it has nothing to do with the First Ammendment. The Bill of Rights exists to protect citizens from government tyranny and oppression. It gives us certain rights that the government is not allowed to violate or take away. With that being said, the First Ammendment was written to insure that the government does nothing to stop a person from speaking out on any subject they choose. The application of the Ammendment has been expanded to include other things but that basic explanation is still appropriate. Your employer can limit your freedom of speech, your school can limit your speech but the government cannot arbitrarily restrict your freedom of expression. Note that there are exceptions to this, as in everything, military, foreign service, etc.

If Trump refuses to talk to any one or more news organizations or if he ostricizes a particular journalist, it in no way violates the First Ammendment! He is not preventing them from writing or saying anything they please. He is not holding them prisoner so that they cannot report to their home offices. In fact, he is doing the only thing he can do in the face of unfair and dishonest journalism. There is nothing unconstitutional about cracking a journalist’s ego and letting them know that you do not need them to communicate with the American people!

The msm has become an elite club of worthless hangers-on who know very little and contribute less. They are so out of touch and disconnected from normal citizens living in the bulk of the country that they actually believe they have some kind of influence or impact on the way most people think. The saddest and most obvious problem that they have, though, is their blatant assumption that everyone in “flyover country” is rather simple and stupid enough to believe whatever they tell us. 

The media has not been on the front lines in defending our liberty or our rights, if anything they have joined with the liberals and the Democratic Party (as well as the government) in working to erode them. As a result, I suppose it is almost humorous to watch as they flounder in ignorance when they even try to talk about the first, and some would say the most important, of those absolute rights. 

There is much to criticize about the media, they provide ample material. I would sincerely enjoy making a few more points but in the interest of New Year’s precedents, I will keep it short. I hope everyone has a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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