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Freeman Dyson’s Opinion on Climate Change

This is an article from covering the intelligence and thinking of one of the finest scientists in the United States….

Freeman Dyson is a scientist of enormous stature. For more than four decades, he taught theoretical physics at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study – described by the New York Times as “the most rarefied community of scholars” in the US.In a recent 8,000-word profile, the Times says Dyson is “a scientist whose intelligence is revered by other scientists.” One colleague describes him as “infinitely smart.” Another says: “You point Freeman at a problem and he’ll solve it. He’s extraordinarily powerful.”

Dyson is also a longstanding member of JASON – “a small government-financed group of the country’s finest scientists” that evaluates matters of an often classified nature. At JASON meetings, in which everyone present is considered brilliant, reports the Times, someone will idly pose a math question and Dyson will quickly provide an answer, pointing out that “the smallest such number is 18 digits long.”
In the words of one of Dyson’s colleagues, “When this happened one day at lunch, the table fell silent; nobody had the slightest idea how Freeman could have known such a fact or…could have derived it in his head in about two seconds.”
Dyson, who has written several books and received numerous awards (including 21 honorary degrees), is a big-picture thinker. The Times says he’s known for his “interpretive clarity” and his “penetrating ability to grasp the method and significance of what many kinds of scientists do.”
Now 85, Dyson has lived in the same house for more than 50 years and has been married to the same woman for equally as long. His car bears an Obama bumper sticker.
For the past four years, he has also challenged prevailing ideas about climate change. In a nutshell, he thinks the computer-generated models being used to predict long-term climate consequences are flawed because scientists have too little information about many of the variables that must be taken into account.
In 2007, Dyson reminded a Salon writer: “I was in the business of studying climate change at least 30 years ago before it became fashionable.” Having seen many faddish notions come and go, Dyson is distressed that many environmentalists now believe “global warming is the greatest threat to the ecology of our planet.”
Although the public thinks that “anyone who is skeptical about the dangers of global warming is an enemy of the environment,” he feels the opposite is true.
“Many of the skeptics are passionate environmentalists,” he insists. But they believe old-fashioned pollution and nuclear weapons are bigger concerns.
Based on Dyson’s understanding of where the science of biotechnology is headed, he feels that “in 50 years, this whole problem of fossil fuels will evaporate.” Just as computer technology has transformed the world in recent decades, he foresees a future in which biologists are able to manipulate the fuel-producing – and carbon dioxide processing – properties of trees.
“We’ll have an ample supply of fuel without having to dig it out of the ground,” he insists. “Fifty years is long enough for that kind of technology to take over the world, and 50 years is short enough so that the climate won’t have changed very much in the meantime.”
Dyson may or may not be correct about global warming. But as he himself points out, his arguments deserve to be heard. Silencing our finest minds won’t lead to a better future.

  quotes from Freeman Dyson:

In the history of science it has often happened that the majority was wrong and refused to listen to a minority that later turned out to be right. [article by, 2008]

Climate change is part of the normal order of things, and we know it was happening before humans came. [interview with, 2007]
Just because you see pictures of glaciers falling into the ocean doesn’t mean anything bad is happening. This is something that happens all the time. It’s part of the natural cycle of things. [interview with, 2007]

It makes very little sense to believe the output of the climate models. [YouTube interview Part1]

Vegetation is really controlling what happens…whereas the emphasis in the climate models has always been on the atmosphere. [YouTube interview Part1]
There is no doubt that parts of the world are getting warmer, but the warming is not global. [essay by, 2007]

The idea that global warming is the most important problem facing the world is total nonsense and is doing a lot of harm. It distracts people’s attention from much more serious problems. [interview with, 2007]
The average ground temperature of the Earth is impossible to measure since most of the Earth is ocean…So this average ground temperature is a fiction. [YouTube interview Part2]

When I listen to the public debates about climate change, I am impressed by the enormous gaps in our knowledge, the sparseness of our observations and the superficiality of our theories. [essay by, 2007]

We simply don’t know yet what’s going to happen to the carbon in the atmosphere. [YouTube interview Part1]
Computer models of the climate….[are] a very dubious business if you don’t have good inputs. [YouTube interview Part1]

We do not know how much of the environmental change is due to human activities and how much [is due] to long-term natural processes over which we have no control. [essay by, 2007]

It is not surprising that honest and well-informed experts can disagree about facts. But beyond the disagreement about facts, there is another deeper disagreement about values. [essay by, 2007]


Safe Spaces and Silliness 

I went to school in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Needless to say, there was sexism, there was racism and there was discrimination against various people for other reasons entirely. In those days you toughened up and dealt with it, you commiserated with your friends, you became active on campus, you slapped someone’s face and you learned how to cope with life without parental protection. In other words, you grew up and stopped believing that the world revolved around you and that everyone cares about your feelings. Unfortunately, it actually is a cold hard world and an entire generation cannot expect to be treated like they are “special”.

I have heard that these safe spaces are equipped with play-doh, coloring books and other relaxing activities. Faculty members are available to validate the students’ feelings. This. Is. Crazy. The whole idea implies that there is something wrong with the opposing viewpoint. That the university does this definitely establishes the student’s feelings as appropriate, normal and most importantly as being on the right and proper side of the issue! When you add in the incorrect and slanted reporting of the liberal media, it is a prescription for disaster.

So, if college is no longer a place where there is the free flow of ideas, where civil debate and discussion is the rule, where a student grows in mind-body-spirit, where a well rounded education is delivered and the mind is challenged, where free speech is encouraged and thinking outside the box is rewarded, where the truth is demanded and good character is honored and where students are taught to look fairly at both sides of every issue then why should we spend the outrageous sums demanded to send our children to these schools? It certainly seems counterintuitive to me that I should pay to have my child indoctrinated in ways I know are false and economically unsuccessful.

This needs to stop. These kids need to grow up. There should be a mandatory course on research and assembling facts and knowledge before deciding an issue based on media coverage. They should be taught where to go to get various government statistics and how to find out about people from sources other than CNN or MSNBC. They should be introduced to the concept of thinking things through for themselves and not internalizing the opinions of a party, the media or celebrities. I have a favorite saying, forgive me for repeating it,”Your brain works, use it!”.

Now I see at least one school district in California furthering the liberal indoctrination in the early grades by circulating a lesson plan which defines the President-elect as racist and sexist, among other things. Since this is not true it cannot be backed up by facts, therefore it is a class taught to indoctrinate and magnify negative emotions. In addition, the class will be paid for with taxpayer dollars! Is it any wonder that the young people act so badly when they get to college or when their party loses an election? It begins even earlier than any of us thought……..

The Democratic (Party?)

Is it honestly still a political party? Does the Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee function as a political organization or has it devolved into something else.

It seems that there has been a constant stream of Wikileaks revealing all sorts of collusion and coordination between the Democrats, the Clinton campaign and the administration’s DOJ. Similarly, the media has also been exposed for sending their articles and commentary to the Clinton campaign for approval and suggestions before publication. As illegal immigrants pour over our borders and drugs are also slipping in through those unprotected and open borders, the Democrats will not put the welfare of the country and her citizens ahead of adding voters to the Democratic Party and flipping red states to blue! Obama has even been caught on tape encouraging illegal aliens to vote. It is the Democrats who are trying to diminish the Second Amendment without a Constitutional remedy. It is the Democrats who want to abridge our free speech. It is the Democrats who want to fundamentally change this nation into a socialist state against the will of its people and against the rights given to the people and the states in the Constitution. It is the Democrats who have established this leviathan burocreaucy which establishes rules and regulations over the citizens by faceless individuals that we do not know and did not elect.

Because of the efforts of the Democratic “Party” we are less in tune with the Constitution every year. As a consequence, we drift increasingly toward partisan politics, corruption, cronyism, tyranny, exploitation, incompetence, etc. We are slowly being driven apart and further away from our beginnings and our traditions. We are accepting mediocrity and lies as the norm.

Everything that I have seen during this election has progressively gotten worse. Every revelation, every cover-up, every crime. It is true that we may very well need to “drain the swamp” if we manage to pull this nation out of its downward spiral and elect Donald Trump. But, I believe that we may have a much bigger problem, the Democratic Party seems to be nothing more than a criminal arm of George Soros. Most of what is proposed by the Democrats is ultimately destructive to the United States. Obama has tripled the debt and done more to hurt the economy than any other president in living memory, why would this be? Illegal immigration is hurting our medical system and hospitals, killing the entitlement programs, pounding local schools, draining state Medicaid funds, forcing more citizens into unemployment and STILL they want to leave the borders open? Seniors have paid into Social Security for their entire working lives and yet the Democrats want to call it an entitlement and then want to abolish it in favor of something more favorable they can hand out to democratic voters. The Democrats have led the charge to take down our military when the world is more dangerous than it has been since the Cold War. We have been unilaterally disarmed while Obama and Hillary gave weapons and cash to the enemy. With the conclusion of the Iran deal, we have also guaranteed that the Iranians will have nuclear warheads and the means to deliver them to any location in the United States within ten years (some experts say it will be sooner).

Could a political party with the best interests of the country it was created to serve be a proponent of these policies? Could there be so much crime and corruption in a truly democratic organization that was controlled by the constituents it represented? I say not! There is a sinister and alarmingly criminal culture that has developed in the Democratic Party. It is not a party with a different opinion any more, it is a party that is anti-Constitution, anti-middle class, anti-American and it is racist. After learning about the Christian genocide in the Middleast, I assumed we were accepting as many as we could. No, Obama is only accepting Muslims. Only rarely is a Christian allowed refugee status. This is not equal treatment! This is an agenda!!

Something is wrong with the Democratic Party. Republicans have much to do to clean house, also, but most do still actually strive for the good of the nation. It is up to grass roots Republicans to vote out those who have been in Washington so long that they have lost touch with their constituents and the nation’s citizens. We need a full and complete investigation of the Democratic Party, from donations to voting fraud to hiring thugs to invade opponent’s campaign events. A special prosecutor should be appointed so that no politics or unfairness can be alleged and a grand jury convened so that the FBI has all the investigative tools necessary for a case of this magnitude and seriousness.

Vicious Worrying Rumor

In the midst of all of this political back and forth, there is one particular item that I read today which actually frightened me and made me more afraid than ever of what will happen should Clinton become president.

There are levels of National Security classifications. Being a layman I am ignorant of all of the layers, I know there is Confidential (which is evidently a fairly low level), there is a Secret level and we all know about the Top Secret designation.

There is also a higher classification which is so secret that except for very few in the absolute highest echelons of government, the only people who know about each segment or unit of information are those with a proven need to know. This information relates to the most important of our national secrets, the most necessary, dangerous and risky of our spy projects where numerous lives are at stake, defense technology, etc. This highest classification is known as a special access program or SAP. Each SAP has an administrator who has the responsibility to administer that program. Just because you have been read into one SAP does not mean you will ever have access or even knowledge of any other SAP. Those who have been read into a SAP have to abide by rigid protocols including taking a polygraph yearly no matter who you are. The subject matter Is. That. Important.

So today when I read that the FBI was 99% certain that Hillary Clinton’s server, which was not as well protected as an ordinary gmail account, was hacked by five to seven foreign governments AND that she had information on not one but SEVEN SAPS on her server. This is no foolish mistake, this is no minor breach. This is skating alarmingly close to treason. How could a responsible adult in her position neglect to take every required precaution when lives are at stake and our national security is at risk? 

Hillary Clinton cannot be President. She does not take enough care with the secrets of our military or our government. Even worse, she cannot be president because she is loyal to self first, party second and maybe the American people last. We cannot have such a careless person as president. 

A Special Prosecutor should be appointed immediately. Government Corruption has never been more obvious!

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