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On Principle

I have more than a few friends who believe that I am throwing out my principles because I will be voting for Donald Trump in November. I’ve also heard more along this line from some talk radio hosts and opinion columnists. I cannot even comprehend this line of reasoning (if that is what it is).  Throwing your vote away on your own personal perfect candidate does not accomplish anything positive for the country. Furthermore, if you are a principled individual you are obligated to confront the reality of circumstances as they exist and not as you would either pretend they should be or as some bizarre strange path through the congress triggered by a third party vote which would result in a third party president. I have never been a gambler. I do not want to gamble with the future of my country. Any action that allows Hillary Clinton to increase her chances of winning the presidency is insane and irresponsible and no argument can convince me otherwise.

My principles are not so soft and weak that they fall when the obviously biased mainstream media tries to influence my thinking. It is true that I have been on this earth long enough to have lived through more than a few Clinton scandals, but if one does just a little standard investigation on her government “service” record, the mishandling of CLASSIFIED MATERIAL (including overseas posts, counter terrorism activities and at least one reference to a SAP!!!) it is so very obvious, even before considering anything else, that she is not even qualified to handle classified documents. 

A person of principle asks what our Supreme Court would look like under Hillary Clinton. The eight member court currently is awaiting the new president’s pick to fill out the bench of nine justices. We now basically have 4 liberals and 4 conservatives. Naturally I have boiled it down a bit for simplicity and space, individual votes on different issues vary, but as a generalization it holds fairly well. Since Marbury v. Madison in 1803 the Supreme Court has gradually taken on more power than the Constitution grants to it. Now it has become an arbiter of social justice, an interventionist in legislative acts and the ultimate authority on what is constitutional. There are only two members on the highest court who strictly construe and apply the Constitution of the United States as it was intended and written. So, if Clinton is elected there will be an immediate appointment of a radically liberal justice. This will tip the balance of the court for a generation since justices serve for life. In addition, it is expected that our next president will appoint as many as 3 or even 4 justices as those we have now are getting older and may leave during the next four years. Obviously, the more liberal justices we have sitting on our Supreme Court the more likely it is that the Bill of Rights will be seriously infringed. I know that the Second Amendment will not survive, neither will what remains of the Tenth (States Rights). Most have not even noticed, but even the First Amendment has eroded over the last eight years. If Hillary Clinton is elected, few realize how badly it will impact the crumbling framework that remains after Obama’s last eight years of illegal executive orders, the burdensome expansion of executive bureaucracy and its associated explosion of rules and onerous regulations, the clear squashing of state’s rights and the frightening rise in power of the centralized Federal Government. 

It is against my principles to allow any politician or party who uses the IRS to target political opponents any access to power in Washington. I will add here that any political party that is using the media for propaganda purposes is manipulating the voting public and greedy for power. When the media turns away from the issues and covers or manufactures lies attacking the republican candidate it is beyond shocking and alarming. The media has virtually ignored the leaked emails and the problems with Clinton’s honesty, integrity, character and professional judgement. Most of the mainstream media are no longer journalists at all, they are either government, Democratic Party or Republican establishment mouthpieces.

Our government is properly by and for the people, not over and oppressing the people. We should control the government, the government should not control us by planning our neighborhoods, determining what the schools teach our children, placing any limits on our religious liberty, taking land away from the states or their citizens or doing anything to threaten the gun ownership of honest law abiding Americans, and that includes collecting names for a registry. The president has no right or power under the Constitution to make any treaty or agreement which takes effect without approval from Congress. Obama certainly has no power to give up any sovereignty to the UN for any purpose whatsoever. I have only listed a few things that the current administration has begun but which Clinton has promised to continue and expand. My principles will not allow me to ignore the precarious position we are in because so many of the basic bedrock fundamentals of our Constitution are being attacked and ignored. Our Federal Government has grown and evolved into the very thing that our founding fathers were so afraid of and tried so hard to protect us from with the separation of powers and the Tenth Amendment as well as the Bill of Rights.

I am, therefore, holding on to my principles and voting for Donald Trump. I freely admit I like his tax plan, I approve of most of the people he surrounds himself with, I am relieved that many of the women who have accused him of inappropriate behavior are being debunked, but make no mistake. He would have to be much much worse. He would have to sell out his country, he would have to make millions from Haiti after a natural disaster when he had gone to give aid, he would have to leave 4 Americans to die in Benghazi and lie to their families, he would have to steal furniture from the White House, he would have to arrange for approval so PUTIN CONTROLS 20% OF U.S. URANIUM! 

Under Obama the DOJ is no longer above reproach and has been shown to be in collusion with the Clinton campaign. The FBI is corrupt for the first time in U.S. history. The State Department also has been exposed for covering up for Hillary Clinton. An honest person does not debase and corrupt everything she comes in contact with. The democratic hold on the White House must be broken and we must get back to basics, transparency, patriotism and honesty.


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