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Lets All Riot!

By all means, if I don’t feel I am being treated fairly or receiving justice, I suppose I should riot by today’s BLM standards! When I watch the interviews of the rioters, they claim that they are not safe, their children are not safe and their elderly are not safe. They claim that the police treat them differently. Of course, they claim racism and bigotry.

The FACT that the police actually kill more white suspects than black suspects never seems to change the way they think. Neither do they stop and think what would happen to their neighborhoods if there were no police. The police protect them far more than they threaten them, regardless what they think. The police limit the drug flow, they cut the crime rate and they try to stop gang activity. I can think of only one type of person who would not like the police for doing that! It is basic math, where there is more crime there are more police. Where there is less crime there is less police.  Most law abiding citizens want it to be that way.

Another thing I have noticed, when police confront anyone with a weapon they are immediately told to “drop it”. There seems to be a cultural difference between the way blacks and whites react to this. Most white gun owners I know are trained or well aware that possession of a firearm necessitates a different response to, and attitude about, your response. You immediately, slowly, without question or argument, put that gun down and put your hands up. If you are carrying you tell the officer immediately. Anything else can be interpreted as a threat. African-Americans seem to think we get treated differently, not so. When they are stopped it seems like many of them have a chip on their shoulder and believe that if they are not hurting anyone with the gun or not pointing it at the officer, then the officer can’t do anything. As the situation escalates and they still have not released the gun, they seem to think that there should be some dialogue. This is why there is more to carrying a gun than just possessing a permit. They also seem to think that police don’t have a right to protect themselves. Blacks think they are being treated differently when actually they are being treated just like anyone who does not do what the officer commands. It is rule #1 – always do whatever the officer commands, you can present your case and argue later.

This leads me to the next point I would like to make. In all of the media commentary I hear a lot about how afraid of the police young black men are these days. I accept that there might still be a few instances in this era of cell phone videos and police cameras. However, one of the primary differences in the way children are socialized in the two communities is the way in which they are taught to view the police. From the beginning, a white child is taught that the policeman/woman is an authority figure to obey. The child is taught this for his own safety. There is a much different attitude toward the police in many black households, consequently as the child matures the police are regarded as the enemy or the antagonist rather than the protector that he/she really is.

I wonder what these rioters/BLM activists really want. They will not get anarchy because the government and the citizens will never allow it. They are not going to promote any kind of negotiation, compromise or dialogue by attacking innocent citizens in cars, smashing windows, looting and stealing, beating up any white person they can, trying to throw a white media team into a fire started in the street, destroying random cars parked on the street, etc. The only thing that they seem to be doing is having a violent block party where they help themselves to other people’s property. It gives absolutely no legitimacy to their cause, their argument or their claims. If anything it makes them look manipulated, greedy and a great deal thoughtless.

If these people want change, why do they keep voting in the same Democrats over and over, decade after decade? If a political party cannot improve your life in 50 years and, in fact, things get worse…..why would you blindly keep following that party and voting for its candidates? 

Lastly, as bad as it is to destroy someone’s livelihood or to trash their car ( which they probably haven’t even paid off), attacking someone with the intent to do bodily harm is inexcusable. Violence never produces positive results but violence against a fellow human being can have NO justification. When a protest becomes a riot, the national guard needs to be called at the first sign and curfew imposed. No quarter given, arrest anyone who violates the curfew.

Meanwhile, there is much on the net and TV. You could clearly see people bashing windows and looting. I hope that the police department views every video out there and pursues every lead and arrests every single rioter who broke the law.


VIDEO Muhammad: The White Prophet with Black Slaves

Sept 16, 2016 by Kristi Ann The FALSE prophet muhammad was a Pedophile / Child Molester / Rapist / Racist / Fascist / Terrorist / Murder of Christians and Jewish People!! Please Pray for the Holy L…

Source: VIDEO Muhammad: The White Prophet with Black Slaves

Laughing at the Media

I think it is becoming highly entertaining to watch the liberal media, who knows absolutely not one solitary thing about how Donald Trump thinks or what he intends or plans, analyze his every statement and comment. These liberal media commentators speak as if they are Donald Trump’s closest friends and have tea with him at five every afternoon!

I have forgotten the exact quote, but he said that the “Second Ammendment people” would take care of Hillary. We all say we will take care of things every day. We do not go out and kill them. Trump is not the candidate who has mysterious deaths littering his past life! Furthermore, I am a “Second Ammendment person” and fit right within his class definition of citizens who would get out and do everything possible to defeat such a move. However, I no longer have a CC license, I do not open carry and have no intentions of killing anyone and I did not interpret Trump’s remark that way, nor do I know any reasonable normal person who did. Most “Second Amendment people” do not shoot their guns at people and do not want to. 

Trump defines the problems of the inner city. Naturally, the media claims that his intent is to be racist and demeaning to an entire segment of the population. What self-respecting candidate would ever say something with intentions like that?Everyone who listened to those speeches knew he was being honest and that he does want to remedy the problems, not ignore them. The Trump-hating media, who sifts each word out of the candidate’s mouth for negative implications, attempts to convince the American public that it is still fair and relatively objective. As such, they are certainly (not) capable and qualified to judge his meaning and intent. It does get pretty funny, though, watching how far they twist and turn to attribute evil intent to a man who is not evil at all.

Then there is the comment about Clinton’s bodyguards dropping their weapons. Well of course he meant that he wanted some crazy to get through her protection (Rediculous)! The media so totally missed the point on this one that it makes you wonder if they were even listening to the context in which it was made. After all, if Hillary gets protected by guns why shouldn’t every other citizen have the ability to protect themselves in the same way? Likewise, if hardworking American citizens have to give up their guns and their Second Ammendment rights, then Clinton’s bodyguards should give up their guns too! I agree!!

Yes, the media has evidently studied Trump so very carefully but are so incompetent and/or dishonest that they still manage to misinterpret, attribute false narratives, ignore positive stories, blow up mistakes, minimize policy advances and generally claim that they are the definitive source on what occurs in Donald Trump’s brain. If the whole world does not fall apart in laughter just thinking about that, then we have all just lost our senses of humor to politics!

Honor, Love and Respect

I am not involved in sports much, but I have been surprised by the number of football players refusing to stand for the National Anthem. This is evidently supposed to be some kind of protest against black oppression by whites. So, of course, I have to say it. My father marched in the Civil Rights Movement in the sixties and I was not raised in a bigoted home. Maybe I think a little differently, but although things are not fair, they are not ever fair for anyone!

It is inconceivable to me how an American brain can process the loss of life by so many in the Civil War, the vast majority of those fighting to free the slaves were white, there were so many whites who risked life and limb setting up and running the Underground Railroad. African Americans have been an integral part of the United States history, the military and its heroic legends since the Revolutionary War. Whites and Blacks fought and died together in both world wars. Furthermore, in each American’s personal life there are friends of every color and we think nothing of it.

Instead of protesting and dishonoring the flag and their country, these football players should be honoring the memories of men like Prince Whipple, one of George Washington’s own bodyguards, or the men of the Black Regiment who served with exceptional bravery, honor and distinction. In fact, Most historians think that 10 to 15% of the Revolutionary Army was African American.

Black soldiers fought so ferociously and so bravely during the Indian Wars that the Cheyenne nicknamed them “Wild Buffalo”. All of the black soldiers who served during this time proudly bore the title of “Buffalo Soldier”. These men had the lowest desertion rate in the army and were the most feared by the enemy.

Just one more…..In the Spanish-American War Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders got caught in a perilous situation where they were surrounded on all sides by Spanish soldiers. The 10th Cavalry (an all black unit) came to the rescue. They advanced under heavy enemy fire, shooting as they marched. Teddy Roosevelt later said that if it had not been for the Black Cavalry, the Rough Riders would have been exterminated.

The stories go on and on through war after war and it is these brave men and women that are being disrespected and dis honored as much as the rest of our fallen and injured heroes and veterans. It is a rejecting and a dishonor to the flag that they fought for, the nation that they believed in with all of its freedoms, foibles, opportunities and imperfections. It is a disrespect for everything American that they and we have invested in. I wish I had the words to express it. All I can really say is that America will always be a work in progress but you will never get anywhere by showing your disrespect for your heritage and dishonoring your country’s flag and anthem. Get out in your community and do some good or use your platform to raise money for a worthy cause.

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