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Very Briefly…..

A commentator on one of the TV channels was responding to the latest court ruling on the gender identification bathroom issue. She made a statement that caught my attention and made me stop to think (which is always a good thing). Her comment was that people had been using bathrooms of the gender that they most identified with for years anyway. 

If this is the case, then why can’t we leave things as they are? I do not mind because obviously I have not even noticed. When no one is inconvenienced or disturbed there is no reason to forbid transgenders from using the bathroom in which they are the most comfortable. If they have been quietly doing this for years then they have hurt or damaged no one. I would imagine that they would rather use the bathroom of their choice without a Hollywood production surrounding the process. So we as a society should back off and allow them to live their lives in peace and happiness.


My Humble Opinion

This is undoubtedly the most difficult and bizarre presidential election of my entire voting life…and, yes, I did proudly vote in both Reagan elections. I am tired of the media pundit opinions, the slanted coverage and distorted reality. So, let me begin this by saying that I am a female, I have an equivalent masters degree therefore I suppose you might say I am an educated female, and I do usually vote for Republicans. If you put all of that together I think I qualify as one of those well educated Republican females that won’t vote for Trump…except that I will vote for Trump.I will never throw away my vote by wasting it on third party candidates who have no path to victory or by writing in some name in protest, both of which would almost certainly do more harm than good. If I do not vote I am not exercising the one right as a citizen I have to participate in the government and use my voice. I believe it is every citizen’s duty.

I absolutely, positively beyond a shadow of a doubt cannot vote for Hillary Clinton. My personal belief is that any sane intelligent person who honestly loves this country enough to put party politics aside would never vote for her. Beyond what either candidate says, Clinton has proven repeatedly in word and deed over the past thirty years or so that she cannot be trusted with anything. She had a team that destroyed the reputations and “discouraged” the women that Bill raped and abused. She provided favors out of the US State Department in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation. In order to prevent anyone finding out about how tangled up her favors were becoming with those big donations she set up a private server for all of her email while she was Secretary of State in violation of federal law. She deliberately moved top secret emails to that unsecured server and placed in danger information that may have included the identity of secret operatives, safe houses, military operations and base plans, equipment specifications and/or passwords, new technology and advancements, need I continue? If Obama’s DOJ had not manipulated the FBI investigation Hillary would have been charged with violating the Espionage Act. (If that is not believable, a simple reading of the statute will clearly show that intent is not required) Clinton has helped Russia establish a Silicon Valley of its own, she and her husband allowed people to spend the night in the Lincoln Bedroom while he was President in exchange for cash, they stole furniture from the White House when they left, she was mostly responsible for pushing through the approval for the sale of twenty per cent of our uranium resources to Russia!!(in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation, of course) Then there was Whitewater Gate, the FBI files they obtained on their political opponents (yes, that is illegal but she got away with it, naturally)

There are so many bad deeds and actions by Hillary Clinton which dwarf anything the media can twist from Donald Trump that to me it makes the pundits look silly and desperate. Absolutely, I agree that he gets in his own way. If he loses the election, I think he will have been his own worst enemy. He has to stop reacting to the media and stick to policy and issues. No more Trump humor or sarcasm, the media can’t take it and will just twist it.

And when it comes to what the candidates themselves actually say:

Trump wants to kill TPP but Hillary will change a paragraph or two, add China and push it through!

Trump wants lower taxes but Hillary wants higher taxes on everyone and death taxes for farmers and small business owners as well as the rest of us.

Trump wants to keep us from suffering like Europe and protect sovereignty while Hillary takes orders from Soros…open borders!

Trump wants to activate the law on e-verify to discourage illegals and put Americans first for jobs, Hillary wants what big businesses want….more foreign worker visas.

Trump has snubbed the Bush officials because he is not following a Bush program, like any other businessman he has done his homework and is following the latest model of success – Reagan. Clinton wants to follow the plans laid down by Obama which have led us to the highest unemployment in years, stagnant wages, high taxes, skyrocketing medical expenses and insurance which no one can afford to use.

Trump wants to limit regulations and roll back a lot of the hurtful ones already in place that are forcing American companies to either close shop or move out of the country while Clinton is in favor of more regulations issued by bureaucrats that we did not elect and have no control over.

Trump wants to make the military strong again since China and Russia are both stronger than they have been in decades (and working together) and we are facing a steadily growing threat from Isis that has been neglected for so long that they have become firmly entrenched in multiple countries while Hillary is for continuing the same Isis policy that we have now.

Trump wants to make taking care of our veterans a top priority and fix the VA while having “now” solutions for vets that need immediate care, while I am not really sure what Hillary wants to do when she is not standing in front of veterans.

Trump will appoint conservative Originalist Constitutional justices to SCOTUS positions while Clinton will appoint liberal justices who will legislate from the bench, impose their liberal agenda without limit or appeal and the American People will be at their mercy.

Trump will immediately rescind all of Obama’s illegal executive orders but Clinton will expand and push the limits of Obama’s grabs for power and issue executive orders whenever congress does not do what she wants. THAT is frightening!

Trump will defend the second Amendment but Clinton will erode our second Amendment rights until she can finally take our guns away. Then only terrorists and criminals will have guns.

Trump believes in free speech, so much so that it gets him in trouble sometimes. Clinton believes in lying to the American people about what she believes, what she does, who she sees, what she has, where she goes… fact, she lies about pretty much everything and has always had either the smarts, the contacts or the FBI files to get out of it. Do we really want to elect a president of the United States who believes that the law can’t touch her? Is it all right to have a commander in chief who puts herself above the security of this nation, the safety of its troops, the welfare of its citizens? 

When I consider liberal journalists constantly telling me how frightened they are of Trump, how reckless he is, how careless, I wonder why they are saying that and why they are working so hard to build such an impression. I have heard more words lately; terrifying, insane, doesn’t have the temperament, undisciplined, uncontrolled, off the rails. Well, I suppose in their narrow confined world of how a campaign is supposed to be run, it probably does look a little strange, but for never having been a politician and facing the kind of unfair criticism a Republican is pounded with, he has done better than most could expect. I take strong exception to lying about your Republican opponents when you cannot find anything else to take them down, but that is water under the bridge and we have more urgent problems now. Regardless, I am voting on the actions and deeds as well as the goals of the candidates. I do not particularly like the Trump campaign or the Trumpers. But, I will be voting for Donald Trump and may God please help us if he loses.

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