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In this technologically advanced age we think of our society (when we bother to think of it at all) as progressive, rational, innovative, independent, knowledgeable and individualistic. But perhaps we give ourselves too much credit. When I look at the BLM protestors, the illegal immigrant protestors, the anti-gun senators protesting, my natural reaction is to check the facts around these protests before forming or expressing an opinion. My over generalized and admittedly amateur opinion is that today’s society holds much in common with the “dark ages”. Ok, so this is a quick summary, but I believe it is everywhere we look. We urgently need an Enlightenment! 
Although racism may be a problem. Statistics tell us quite clearly that it is absolutely not a life or death matter. BLM was started with the lie that Michael Brown was shot with his hands up and yet when the Grand Jury, the DOJ, the FBI and police internal affairs proved that he was trying to get a policeman’s gun, it was ignored by everyone..even the president of the United States! In other words BLM is a mob operating on emotions refusing to believe provable facts that do not agree with their operational beliefs. 
The illegal immigrants that flow across our borders are another issue entirely. What intelligent citizenry having over $200 trillion national debt and more people out of the workforce than at any time since the Great Depression throws their borders wide open to third world immigrants with no skills, no vaccinations, not much education and then offers free healthcare and welfare benefits, easy citizenship and voting rights? Our insistence on political correctness has caused an unqualified acceptance of foreigners protesting and demanding that we accept and care for them. Why would we do that? Are we sheep to be blindly led by a manipulative media? 
There is a violent evil radical fringe element of Islam which is committing acts of extreme terror across the globe, including here in the United States. We KNOW that they hit gun free zones aka: soft targets, that there are specific countries that foster and finance this terrorism (we all know who they are), that they are sending soldiers into our country to commit acts of terror. Yet when something happens and a terror event blows up in our faces, the mob calls for restrictions on our second amendment rights! Is it sane to take away our ability to protect ourselves (so that we are no longer soft targets)? Is it reasonable to delete decades of intelligence from Defense Department and FBI databases painstakingly collected on terrorist groups and agents? Is it intelligent to leave our borders wide open or to continue to welcome refugees from terrorist countries (that other middle eastern countries will not touch!) we know nothing about? Why are we giving billions of dollars to Iran when they are one of the main state sponsors of this terrorism? This is not just insane, it goes against all pretense of common sense! 

Further absolute proof that we are in another dark age is the “war on cops”. It is the most idiotic approach to being listened to, to opening a dialogue, to demanding that the police treat blacks and whites equally that could possibly be taken. What genius could have conceivably come up with such a plan? Of course, shooting the police will calm them down and make them think about how they treat blacks in the future. Well……maybe not! As any thinking person could tell you, when police become targets and it becomes a national issue because so many are being assassinated by blacks, it will not open dialogue, the police will become more nervous not calmer, they are more likely to treat blacks defensively which will seem harsh in order to protect themselves, it will increase the divide between races-especially when the FBI and CDC statistics are known. Killing cops will only cause more mistrust of every black they come in contact with, the sad thing is that this is necessary for their own self protection! 
Obviously there are many more examples, however I do not have the time or space to write a book. We need for people to think for themselves and not simply follow the mob. We need for our citizenry to actually keep up with what is going on and disconnect from the media, including FOX. When we have the ability to find almost any information we want with very little effort, it is inexcusable not to learn the facts before taking action. In many ways when you look at the society we are living in today, it appears to be a very dark age. 
We need an Age of Enlightenment!


That Damn Broad Brush!

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I am very tired of being painted with the broad brush of Southerner. We have toilets, we don’t marry our cousins,we have more cities than Memphis, Atlanta and New Orleans and we don’t walk around talking like bad tv actors.

People also use that broad brush to paint me with the bad temper and explosive emotions that red hair is alleged to bless one with. It is not true that all redheads are bad tempered, but we all get the label.

All republicans are painted with the broad brush of crony capitalist, Washington Beltway type, racist, religious zealot. I am none of those things and yet I tend to favor and vote republican. I am a Constitutionalist, but we do not have a conservative party.  I vote my conscience and what I believe is best for my country.

I work in retail and love what I do, but I resent being painted with the broad brush of stupid retail worker. I am also a retired lawyer, however everyone I work with is a talented individual with gifts and uncommon grace under pressure who deserves this label even less than I do.

Americans are well informed and intelligent. We understand that Isis has murdered millions of Muslims and is every bit as much an enemy of Islam as it is of Christianity or Judism. It is insulting for our nation’s leader to constantly assume US citizens are too stupid and unsophisticated to understand the difference between Islam and Islamism/Isis/Isil/Radical Islamism. 

Obama is painting his entire country with the broad brush of stupid, it does not apply and does not work!

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