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People are tired of the never ending avalanche of regulations that are issued by the Washington bureaucracy. Those evil taxes, restrictions, policies and requirements that citizens and businesses must abide but which we are allowed no voice or vote in contribution. They eliminate jobs and drive businesses overseas and even force some to close their doors. They smother us with rules for how we heat our houses, what kind of toilets we can use, what medications we take and even who our neighbors will be.

Before an employee can be hired a corporation must coordinate and manage entire departments full of personnel who stay abreast of, ensure compliance with and supervise the individual application of Obamacare, labor laws and regulations, tax laws and regulations, OSHA and the EEOC (just to name a few of the more well known administrative regulators). Smaller businesses increasingly cannot afford the teams of professionals required to ensure compliance with the government’s endless requirements which are always accompanied by fines, penalties and/or punitive action. These government agencies have no regard for the cost to implement their mandates and fiats, they do not care if thousands lose their jobs because a company or even an industry has been driven out of business or driven overseas.

Some candidates claim (insert Trump here) that our problems originate with bad business deals. The thinking is that our leaders have let China, Mexico and other countries get the best of us in past trade deals. I will admit that there is truth to that. But, even if we renogiatate every bad trade deal we currently have it will not bring jobs back to the US as long as we have such an unfavorable business climate. As long as it is more expensive to operate a business here than almost anywhere else, we will not be welcoming back our businesses or their money. As long as we can stomach an administration that spits out regulations that have the effect of laws which are written by people who we do not even know and have not elected and then are enforced by the police, we are in trouble.

Does anyone pay attention to what the IRS really is? You are guilty until you prove that you are innocent in tax court which is a foreign concept to constitutional law. Why should there be an exception for taxes? Why can the EPA issue as many regulations as it wants, subject to no review by congress. Who is checking the EPA? Why is the EPA trying to expand its power to control more water? Why is the FBLM trying to claim more land and prevent farmers and ranchers from using it? These are just small examples. Why should any law be allowed that was not passed or at least reviewed by Congress? The administration and its agencies churn out one hundred times more restrictions and “laws” than congress or the courts. (That is a good guess)

Wake up, people!


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