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Immigration post script…..

I am very tired of hearing that turning back immigrants, eliminating visas or discouraging illegals is in any way contrary to American values. The idea is absolutely ludicrous. The United States has never, except in the rare case of certain specific refugees, admitted immigrants because they wanted to come here. 

We have historically limited immigrants to congressionally pre approved numbers and we have only allowed those people who could make contributions to our society, had established relatives, or could otherwise prove able to provide for their livelihood. Sometimes we have established preferential catagories for skills that we needed, but my point is that our immigration system has always been engineered to benefit Americans not immigrants. 

No country can long sustain its existence with wide open borders. Our culture will soon be overwhelmed and instead of immigrants assimilating into our culture, America will become an amalgamation of theirs. We will no longer be the exceptional people who control our destiny and lead by strength and example. We will have crumbled from within.

I have said before that our debt is so far out of bounds that it has almost tipped the boat, yet it appears that the Democratic front runner is advocating that we extend Obamacare so that it covers all immigrants ( legal and illegal ). This is beyond self-destructive and well down the road to crazy. 

So, conservatives have American values firmly in place and we are more aware of our history and the consequences of those silly demands to welcome all immigrants than the liberals and Democrats who merely want more votes.


No Concepts!

My grown daughter reminds me sometimes that political conservatives tend to drop key terms and phrases which are definitive for us and fairly self-explanatory….except that they are not. Perhaps we should explain ourselves more and use fewer catch phrases.

Conservatives categorically are not racists. We react to extremism and violence just like anyone else. When liberal students  claimed that seeing “Trump 2016” chalked on the concrete around campus caused them emotional distress, just imagine what seeing a “Black Lives Matter” sign does to normal people after hearing them chant,”pigs in a blanket fry ’em like bacon”. It is also rather useless to expect a logical person to take you seriously if you are proved wrong and yet still claim the same set of circumstances (Think Ferguson). I believe most folks would just go ahead and call that lying. We tend to think that since we work hard for our money, others should have to work for theirs also, regardless of skin color. We believe that everyone should be given an equal opportunity to do so, again regardless of skin color. For most conservatives, blacks are just Americans and as such we feel a kinship with them that we think they are trying to destroy.

Conservatives do have strong feelings about the immigration problem and the border. It is not because we are isolationists or afraid of Mexicans or hard-hearted.  From 2000 through 2014 14 million permanent legal immigrants came to our country. The Census Bureau estimated that immigrants made up about a quarter of the population of the United States. Even if a good number of those are children, think about how many bodies that dumps into the labor market. It increases competition for every job in the economy. Furthermore, The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has released statistics showing that one in five students attending public school are immigrant children. Now, most liberals will jump in at this point and claim that immigrants perform jobs that citizens do not want to do. CIS has been able to classify only 6 jobs out of 472 which are majority immigrant perhaps indicating such unheard of occupations actually do exist somewhere in this great nation! But those 6 jobs only comprise 1% or so of the jobs out there which leaves all the rest of those immigrants to compete in the job market with US citizens, and 14 million immigrants + is a hell of a lot of competition.  Remember that our border and our visa program both are not working so that the number of immigrants just keeps growing exponentially. In addition to the problem this causes in the job market, in April 2015 the Congressional Budget Office (CRS) reported that over the last 43 years immigrants have increased 324.5% while for the bottom 90% of tax filers the average income declined over $2,000. Finally, CIS reported that between 2000 and 2014 5.7 more immigrants were working while 127,000 fewer citizens were working.

The problem of terrorists is also linked to immigration. Unfortunately one has to do a modicum of research to become informed since the news media is not reporting all of the information available. The best sources I have found have been overseas media and Gorka. The EU is experiencing what we will be contending with if we do not clean up our visa program and close down the borders. 

Conservatives also resent the plan that Obama has put into action which encourages immigration and then naturalization in order to recruit more votes for the Democratic Party. It isn’t a secret, everyone knows about it. It is one of the reasons the Democrats fight any restrictions on visas or immigration. Conservatives are more concerned with the safety of our citizens and denying people who only want to claim our welfare benefits citizenship.

I think I have blogged on this before. But just in case I didn’t mention it then, any interested party really ought to read Mark Levin’s book, Plunder and Deceit!

So….Free Health Care is a Right?

It is part of The Democratic party’s pitch. It has a fundamental appeal to the human heart. We do not like to even imagine anyone having to suffer because they cannot afford a doctor. Fortunately, with Medicaid and the emergency room protocols no one is left in the cold. 

But what about this idealistic vision of free healthcare? If you are sitting at the admitting desk in a hospital checking patients in for surgery, observation and etc., will you be willing to donate your time and do this job for free so that others can get medical treatment? Or will you go to work for a business that is willing to pay you $10 to $13 an hour for similar duties? If you are volunteering your time out of the goodness of your heart, how do you pay your rent, buy your groceries or pay your bills? 

Now, what if you are a doctor, a nurse, a lab technician, a radiologist or one of the hundreds of specially trained individuals who either paid their own hard earned money for additional education and sacrificed the time required in order to obtain the proficiency needed or they have exited that time period with a substantial amount of debt. This debt is added to all of the normal expenses of living, yet if healthcare is a right and we should receive it free then no one pays.

So, you say…..well, the government will pay. Ok, how will the government, already in debt over $200 trillion (when you add in unfunded liabilities), afford to add the cost of all the nations doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics, dentists, their offices, equipment, people’s medicine and outpatient treatments, surgery, the list is absolutely endless. If the government did try to take this on, we would no longer have the greatest medical care in the world, medical care that draws people from countries like Canada, Great Britain, France, UAE, etc. Our government would have to regulate the salaries to doctors. Fewer and fewer of our brightest would go into medicine because they could make more in other fields. Prescription drug prices would also be heavily regulated, so what drug company would invest money looking for a new drug to cure cancer or diabetes? With the number of doctors entering the workforce dropping, there would eventually be more people who need care than doctors available to see them quickly. I could keep citing examples but hopefully that generally paints the picture.

If you want to look at an example of government managed healthcare, we have it already. The VA is what we will be dealing with if we turn our healthcare over to the government. I know that my examples are oversimplified, but fairly accurate nonetheless. 

We need more competition between insurance companies instead of different companies setting up fiefdoms within individual states with no competition! We need Health Savings Accounts that can be used by the entire family and that can be inherited. We need to drop Obamacare which has made healthcare more expensive and less responsive to the needs of the patient. We don’t need socialized medicine!

#socializedmedicine, #obamacare

Being a Boy Scout

I have never been one to drown myself in the hot tub of negativity, but at the same time I do believe in being prepared to face all eventualities. Recognizing that much of the strong unfavorable, even hateful feelings people have for Donald Trump have been promoted and engineered by the media and the politicians, I wanted to see if there was anything left that I could possibly vote for if he should become the Republican Party nominee. Since this outcome seems to be increasingly likely, it is time to consider the following:

  • As a Constitutional conservative it is extremely worrisome that Trump has more acquaintance with, and obviously places more faith in, The Art of The Deal rather than the checks and balances of the United States Constitution. The Constitution is our document of guiding principles. I do not want to make deals which will compromise or abrogate it in any way. I am not sure I have even heard Trump ever mention the Constitution. Does it make him uncomfortable? Will he respect the limits it places on presidential power?
  • I knew that Trump wanted to repeal Obamacare, but the media would have us believe that he would replace it with a single payer system effectively identical to what is enforced in Great Britain. Trump’s position paper on this subject is agreeably conservative. He wants to remove state boundaries, make insurance 100% deductible, mandate price transparency so that patients could shop for providers, make health savings accounts more appealing by expanding them to cover families, making them inheritable, etc and also addressing the immigrant impact on the healthcare crisis.
  • I respect Trump for his stand on getting better care for our vets. Those men and women sacrificed to serve us and keep our country safe, the very least we can do is to care for their needs and provide for any problems that develop as a result of that service. Anything else is unconscionable.
  • Needless to say, his tax plan is good. Since it has been approved by experts, there is really very little that I can add.
  • He is strong on the Second Amendment and favors a national right to carry. I am also impressed that in his paper on this topic he specifically addresses the fact that our mental health system needs to be updated and reformed to address the issues that have so plagued America in the form of horrendous mass shootings.
  • I have no problem with the majority of Trump’s Immigration position paper. For years it has been beyond my simple understanding why all employers were not required to use it. Likewise, the entire idea of “catch and release” is a joke! Is there another crime in which we tag the criminal and then we let him go after he promises to show up in court on a later date? Of course we should end birthright citizenship, as a constitutional issue there is really no reasonable or logical argument why these babies should be made citizens. I do disagree with Trump’s position raising H-1B visa wages. The visa programs need to be reevaluated and slowed down dramatically in the interim. The labor market now has too much supply for the demand. The answer is not to pay the supply more money! The answer is to reduce the supply!
  • On the negative side he has not posted a policy paper on free trade or tariffs. What little I have heard him say has honestly been alarming. We do not need to return to the days of Herbert Hoover or protectionism, it kills jobs and was a major factor in the Great Depression. If we tax the goods from China, they will not sit on their thumbs and cry! They will tax our goods. Not only will demand for our goods go down, but we will pay more for things as consumers.
  • I have not heard Trump say very much about the Constitution. I am not sure he is very familiar with it. I would hope that he understands the absolute boundaries placed around the separate (but equal) branches of government. Some of his statements and promises lead me to wonder, but that might just be typical political linguistic gymnastics.
  • Although I am also angry and feel betrayed by the politicians in Washington, I do not think that Trump represents me. I do not like the way that he insults and personally smears his opponents instead of arguing his positions, his ideas or his accomplishments. I know that he twists the facts and occasionally lies outright about Ted Cruz, that makes me wonder if he is being truthful or not about other things and other people.
  • I would rather vote for a candidate who stands and fights for his principles rather than the candidate who is always willing to negotiate down to a deal. It bothers me that if we put Trump in the White House, once he is ensconced in the Oval Office he will be free to bargain away any number of freedoms through the precedents that Obama set. However, while I worry that he might, I know that Clinton will do this and much much worse!
  • I do hate that he refuses to tell his followers to tone down the violence. He should not announce publicly that he will pay that rally attendee’s legal fees, he should not unleash his violent inner self into a microphone and onto the public airwaves. Even as a candidate he has a clear and certain duty to act in a manner that lifts and motivates the public for we will be electing him to lead us.

If we elect him.

I am still praying that our poor divided and confused nation will come to its senses and look at the position papers of Ted Cruz. Maybe people will start thinking and stop relying on the media to think for them. Maybe pigs will start flying.

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Media Politics

It is a depressing time we live in when citizens pull their understanding of a candidate from the media. Perhaps it is incumbent upon us, as citizens, to do our own research and find out about these men who are interviewing for the most important job in the country. We no longer have a neutral media. Even the “republican media” is merely a mouthpiece for the establishment. Fox News began as a “fair and balanced” cable channel that leaned right. It has now become flagrant in its bias for and against various candidates, just like the rest of the liberal media.

Trump has not taken the best approach with protest and disruption at his events. Not being an experienced politician you can see an evolution in the way he handles this problem. However, when and affiliated groups really came out and organized against him he called off the rally. What those people did was in no way Trump’s fault any more than my buying a car is the fault of a car manufacturer’s advertising! Were those people simple? Did they not have free will? When did the media start blaming the victim instead of the organizer for the actions of the mob? If you want to blame mob rule, well then, who chose to leave home and join the mob in the first place? I am sorry, I am no Trump supporter, but I do think for myself and I am tired of the media trying to tell me what I should think.

I am a Cruz supporter. I do know how much Mitch McConnell hates him for standing up and demanding a fight against the Immigration Reform Act which would have given amnesty to millions. When that bill made it through the house only one senator got up and walked to the House and continued the fight in the House of Representatives. No, it was not Jeff Sessions, my own Senator, it was Ted Cruz. The smear campaigns against him by the media, Trump and Rubio have been fierce and dirty. Yet every single time if you research the allegations or look into the circumstances they don’t add up. The bottom line is that he is honest. If you want further proof, he took his home state of Texas in a landslide. Lastly, it gives me a good feeling to read his position papers. The man is as close as we will come today to a Reagan Republican and he is a Constitutional conservative. Good grief, he memorized the Constitution at 13. As a lawyer I have to say that winning every case you have brought before SCOTUS is impressive, and he has won 9. To his credit, he took the case for the veterans cross pro bono (no charge). 

The media did not want me to know most of that. Most Americans don’t know it now. What happened to reporting the facts and letting us make up our own minds?

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Post Constitution America

It is a frightening time when people who disagree with a speaker close down a rally. Are you a proud patriotic American when you step all over someone else’s first amendment rights? What has happened to our proud history of vigorous public discourse and civil debate? I just do not understand the new liberal approach of silencing those that you disagree with, when you do not like what someone is saying, just call it hate speech. Yet, the most hateful speech I hear is coming from the left; groups like black lives matter, the Democratic Party, move, etc. 

The long and hallowed history we have of sending our warriors to fight on foreign soil while only asking for enough land for proper burial during WWll, of winning freedom from the strongest kingdom of the time after a long and bloody eight year battle, the strength and moral character of those men who met in Philadelphia and decided to bring the philosophies of Locke and Montesque to life instead of taking power for themselves, all of this and so much more we are. But in our schools we have not taught these things. It seems that we only teach about the Vietnam Nam war, the Trail of Tears and slavery. We are a country of human beings. We are good and bad and we have made mistakes. But the truth is that we are a compassionate people, we are a people who love freedom for ourselves and for others, we are a nation who has succeeded in creating wealth and generating as well as growing the middle class that we are now in the process of destroying.

Our Constitution was intended to be a definitive limit on the power of the central federal government. All powers not specifically enumerated as belonging to either the president, the congress or the judicial branch of our federal government,  in other words all other powers and anything else they neglected to mention, were reserved for the states and the people. The federal government is not operating according to the Constitution, not any of its branches, not one! We do need  a Convention of States to set our power greedy federal government back on the right path. When men of principle are no longer in control of the government which is controling the people then the people must rise up and demand change. Our Constitution is a map which guided us to prosperity, success and innovation. We have abandoned it to our detriment yet we still are standing by while the power brokers and socialists tear our country apart.

Meanwhile, our most basic of rights, the right to say what we think, is being challenged. It is not just the Chicago protest. It is also the implication by our federal attorney general that an oil company is not allowed to contradict the official government position that global warming is caused by humans or else the FBI will come knocking. It is having your business ruined because although you will serve anyone who walks through the door of your bakery gladly, you have an honest and sincere religious conflict about catering a same sex wedding. We should all be alarmed. The attack on our first amendment is but the latest in the downward slide. It really is a post-constitutional America.

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