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An Aside for Retail

It seems that in this competitive retail environment where it is obviously extremely difficult to find dedicated and talented managers, the corporate entities I observe around me appear to have determined the answer is to promote from within. There is nothing wrong with this theory, but without training there should at least be a mentor or some type of apprenticeship. Even those sad examples that I have seen in operation were focused more on numbers and operations than on the science and the art of reading and managing people, building teams and encouraging focus and loyalty.

I have not been in retail that long and I certainly have no intention of becoming a manager. I like what I am doing very much, but as a Christian and a conservative I have found in other areas of my life that living those principles and applying them at work produces the framework for a quality manager:

  1. Treat everyone exactly as you would want to be treated.
  2. Never assume someone is acting with malice, find out what the facts are before reacting.
  3. Lead by example instead of by fiat.
  4. Managers are not infallible, suggestions should be encouraged and graciously appreciated.
  5. Employees are human beings, respect must be earned it cannot be demanded.
  6. Never treat adults like children – explain yourself politely!
  7. Encourage, develop and teach your employees.
  8. Do the right thing.

The corporate retail world has lost sight of the fact that without the active cooperation of those people you are managing, no manager or the business managed can ultimately be successful. The best managers are the ones who have the respect and affection of their employees, for those employees will perform to the best of their ability and remain loyal during onerous times. When those being managed do just enough to slide by it affects the entire organization. It does not take long to become obvious and to begin a wicked downward spiral.

I dislike seeing a badly managed store and it is almost painful to stand by the misery of unappreciated, abused or misunderstood employees. Perhaps a little common sense would help, certainly nothing I have suggested is outside the bounds of that!


No Appointment Now!

The United States is a Republic. We all learn this in school at a young age. Furthermore, we have a democratic republic and, at least in theory, the government is supposed to be accountable to “we the people”.

Obama is not only a lame duck president, he is a lame duck president who has a remarkably low approval rating with the American people. His programs from Obamacare to his failed foreign policies have not found favor or backing from his employers, the voters who hired him. He has consistently walked on the Constitution as it has been convenient or promoted his objectives and does not accept it or the Bill of Rights as being a limit on his power as was intended. He has often acted more like a dictator than a president.

This man, holding on to the presidency by a thread and claiming the respect of very few by percentage, is demanding the right to make an appointment to the Supreme Court which would have major catastrophic consequences for our great country. This most important of presidential appointments would be a lifetime appointment and would definitely finish the fundamental change of America in very permanent ways.

We will miss the wisdom, humor and legal leadership of Antonin Scalia. In many ways he led the court into better practices, clearer thinking and closer alignment with the Constitution. The entire country is poorer for his passing, a man with a huge heart who could tear down a colleague’s opinion with wicked wit while maintaining a close and genuine friendship. His position on the Supreme Court will be very difficult to fill.

It has become tradition that because of the importance of the appointment, Supreme Court justices are not appointed during an election year. This has been true for the last 80 years or so. It is probably the most important issue facing us now. Barack Obama cannot be allowed to make this appointment. Every representative’s feet must be held to the fire and they must fight for us. There can be no recess and there can be no approval. We are just one justice away from losing the protections of the Bill of Rights and having them reinterpreted in such a way as to render them ineffective. We are one justice away from completely losing the system of checks and balances that our founding fathers were brilliant enough to set up for us, that genius system that has taken the liberals a decade to slowly erode and degrade from every direction and every facet of our society. We are just one justice away from Supreme Court decisions which will impress upon us in the worst of all possible ways just how invasive an activist court, composed of nine unelected lawyers sitting there for a lifetime, can be and how much we can suffer under the application of the rulings that they will hand down.

To say that there must be nine members of the court at all times is not a Constitutional fact. Congress determines the number of judges in the lower courts and the number of justices on the Supreme Court. Operating with eight members for less than a year is quite acceptable and should not cause any undue hardship or concern. Some cases will stand on the lower court rulings, some will be held over and argued again the following year and some will be decided as usual. There will be no crisis, why should there be?

This appointment should be made by the voters’ choice for president in November. It will be part and parcel of our decision in who to vote for. Since this is a government of the people and since the president works for the people, the government should wait on the people’s decision. This is too important with consequences too radical and far reaching to allow a man with no love of this country or the constitution to appoint a liberal activist judge to an evenly divided court.

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Worth a repost!


By: Dan Bongino | February 08, 2016



Hillary Clinton is a reprehensible human being. There, I said it. And for the sake of our wonderful country, so should you. After watching, and re-watching, the footage of her disgraceful and incredibly dishonest debate performance wherein, when questioned about classified information on her private email server, she replied, “We’ve got this absurd situation of retroactive classification,” I thought, “Is this a sick joke?” But tragically this joke isn’t funny; it has the very real potential to get someone killed and to put us all in danger.

I rarely say this publicly but it’s time: I’m embarrassed to have supported her protective detail as a young Secret Service agent during her New York Senate run. The fact that I contributed, even in the smallest of ways, to assist her Senate campaign, weighs heavily on me as I grow older. I was a young agent at the time and I wasn’t as informed about the existential dangers dishonest and character-starved politicians present to our country.

I had only been hired a year earlier. Being new and relatively politically-naïve at the time I did my job as I’d sworn to do. But as time passes, and Hillary Clinton’s true colors show, I realize that I should have walked away sooner. Our country was founded by patriots with a bold streak of valor and courage used only to identify humanity’s greatest heroes in history books. These patriots took incredible risks to break free from tyranny and give us all a future of freedom. The penalty for failure in this endeavor—because there was no guarantee that the experiment known as the United States was going to work—was execution. Unlike our brave founders, me walking away from the Secret Service earlier rather than working with Hillary Clinton, involved no such Sword of Damocles hanging over my head. I would have found a new line of work and life would have moved on.

Now I live with this. I helped a woman who knowingly utilized an unsecured private email system and who, according to an unimpeachable source who contacted me months ago, knew her private email system was compromised and continued to use it to send, into cyberspace, the most sensitive secrets of the United States of America.

This woman doesn’t belong in the White House, she belongs in a jail cell. 

Think about what I just wrote, this woman shared secrets so sensitive that many of them originated from “special access programs” where even a top-secret clearance isn’t enough for a government employee to look at the information. But Hillary Clinton shared this information with the entire cyber world and is now running for president. Imagine for a moment that your son or daughter is a CIA operator in a foreign hot-zone, operating in a secret, non-official, capacity, and information only they could have known, along with clues to their identity, is now in foreign hands due to Hillary Clinton’s malice. The fact that we have to play these sick “imagine this” games is disturbing enough because some global actor UNQUESTIONABLY has this sensitive information and is simply waiting for the right time to either bribe a future President Hillary Clinton or, even worse, kill someone, because of Hillary Clinton’s horrible decisions.  

If you are a rational human being there are only two possible ways to look at this horrifying situation. First, Hillary Clinton received some of the most sensitive information the U.S. government generates on her private email system, and was so ignorant that she couldn’t tell it was sensitive, and therefore is disqualified from running for the presidency because she doesn’t have the aptitude or judgement to be president. Or second, Hillary Clinton had the aptitude and judgment to recognize the sensitive information she received over her private email server was classified, and she didn’t care and sent it into unsecure cyberspace anyway, putting us all in danger in the process. Again, she is disqualified from the presidency because, if this is the case, she would present a clear and present danger to the constitutional republic if we were to give such a careless and malicious person the nuclear codes.

This woman doesn’t belong in the White House, she belongs in a jail cell. In conclusion, I’m not angry at myself for protecting her because she’s a bad person (there are a lot of bad actors in government and their “bad” actions don’t necessarily cross over into dangerous and illegal territory). We aren’t a despotic, lawless country and, thankfully, we get rid of bad DC actors in election booths, not with firing squads. But I am angry at myself for allowing my path to cross with a bad DC actor who knowingly put the lives of innocent Americans, and brave military and intelligence personnel, in danger. She is an embarrassment to our country and I’ll never forgive myself for allowing her to stain my soul. I wish I had never met her.

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What we don’t know….

We DO know that of those emails that candidate Hilary Clinton turned over to the FBI, a substantial number of them were classified. We know that some of them were covering programs that are considered beyond “top secret” and labeled SAP. We know that some of the information that she carelessly sent over her Blackberry or unsecured server was so sensitive that members of congress had to get special clearance to read them. Those emails could not even be released to the public in redacted form because they would put national secrets at risk. Yet, Clinton kept and transferred these over unsecured servers, on her personal phone and heaven knows where else? 

This alone is enough to scare me. I can just imagine what some of that info is. If I was a loyal spy for the US I would not want to be in State Department files!

Meanwhile, has anyone thought to inquire about the files that the FBI recovered from Clinton’s illegal server, the one she believed she had wiped (with a cloth)? The info she turned over was bad enough, what was the info she thought she destroyed?

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