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National Review?

As a person who is committed to Cruz, I can honestly say that the idea of the media claiming that the National Review magazine being the leading publication for conservatism makes me cringe. I have not considered the magazine or it’s editors genuinely conservative for a very long time and I do not believe that true conservatives have looked to that magazine for any kind of guidance for longer. After all, most conservatives use their brains and think. They are not dependent on the media for instruction.

I have heard One of the editors say that he would support the democratic nominee rather than vote for Trump. As a conservative, I can say with absolute certainty that this is an emotional response which is not only not conservative but would be destructive to our country. Far more destructive than a Trump presidency! 

Most conservatives that I know do not even read this magazine. They might surf through an article on the website but they don’t waste money on something that has not been worthwhile since Bill Buckley was in charge.


The Directed Dialogue

The White House controls the dialogue around each violent event that they are interested in. It becomes an issue of gun violence. Statistics are bent and perverted, heck….most of the time they just lie.

If our president were really interested in preventing criminal gun violence he would be looking at a mandatory addition of five to ten years to be added to the prison term of any criminal convicted of possessing a gun during the commission of a crime. Or, get serious and make it twenty years. Don’t make it more expensive for people to own a gun or carry a gun when they are honest citizens. That approach helps no one and really does make me suspicious of the president’s motives. 

Is Obama actually so stupid that he thinks taking more guns out of the hands of honest citizens will stop criminals?

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