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Another look

Once we were a bit more civilized in our treatment of others. We even treated strangers with a certain amount of respect. But in this year of arguing over whose lives matter more, whether social attitudes can be programmed into DNA, and other similarly worthless questions we have somehow wandered into the realm of the indefensible. 

There are so many ways to describe this phenomenon: beyond the pale, unthinkable, out of bounds, unacceptable, shocking, inconceivable, illogical, unbelievable, unreasonable, uncouth, deviant, abnormal, implausible, insane, unheard of, incomprehensible……well, I could go on, but you get the message.

It appears as if humans just do not give each other any basic respect as other human beings with real lives that matter. I do realize that the government and the media is dividing everyone into a “them vs. us” mentality but you would expect people to stop and think for themselves. Self destructive behavior cannot magically become constructive. Yelling out hate and venom does not produce understanding and cooperation.

Wherever I turn I see harsh inhuman treatment. I see a crisis of faith and a failure to love others. As a nation, we used to hold this near to our hearts as a standard to reach towards. Now we seem to glorify violence and worship the ethos of the hard and the tough. People say and do things today that would never ever have been said or done twenty years ago. Probably not even thought about, and the world was better off for it.

So, as the nation unwinds like a ball of yarn we are left holding a tangled mess and looking at more problems than one nation should have to bear. It just worries me so very much that there are more than a few loud and obnoxious groups who have no respect for the rights, the freedoms, the feelings or even the lives of others. They do not care about the truth or what is right and wrong. They do not care about this country, yet they want it to provide for them. The whole situation has fallen outside the bounds of decency, it is shocking, inconceivable, illogical, insane….well, you know what I am trying to say.

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