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For a long time now I have considered whether to publish this. However, since I have a very limited reading group I will “put it out there”. I do not do this to hurt or offend anyone, politics are of no concern to me when it comes to personal relationships. Many of my younger surrogate kids are strong Democrats and they are aware that I am a conservative. Neither of us cares, love does not have conditions..ever!

I have watched the last two years of active rebellion against a properly and legitimately elected president. It has not just been an occasional question of qualification, it has been constant protests, media attacks, riots, investigations of the president. Loud. Breaking precedent and disrespectful. Never before have we seen such challenges to our traditional peaceful transfer of power. It honestly frightens me that the democrat party has so much evidence pointing to serious criminal activity out in the public sphere yet entrenched elements of FBI/DOJ are not interested because they are searching for a crime committed by the president.

When Obama was president, conservatives knew that he was destroying the economy with his excessive regulations which costs every level and type of business resulting in fewer jobs. He actively encouraged illegal immigration increasing competition for entry level jobs, construction jobs, housekeeping, janitorial, etc. which also kept wages low for years. The U. S. lost respect among the world’s community of nations and became a follower instead of a leader. He was responsible for the deaths of many American warriors as he made them fight with outdated equipment while burdening them with “rules of engagement” that barely allowed them to defend themselves, and sometimes not even that! He prolonged the war in the middle east unnecessarily and ISIS spread under his watch. He politicized the IRS, the DOJ, the FBI and there is probably much more he did to weaponize our government against republicans and conservatives that will come out later. He nominated many grossly unqualified people for the bench, men and women who do not follow the Constitution or leave their political beliefs outside the courtroom. They assume the power of the legislative branch from the bench. They damage the balance of power with every erroneous ruling.

SO, we waited, we watched the damage, we wondered about the damage we could not see. We worried, we did not dislike Obama, we hated his policies and believed strongly that they were very bad for the country. President Obama had charisma, he seemed to be a very personable man. It was difficult to overcome the feeling that he was not bringing down America deliberately sometimes because the consequences of his actions were so obvious! Even then, conservatives and republicans did not launch investigations or Resist movements against Obama.

For eight long years Republicans and conservatives abided by the Constitution and long-standing tradition, the peaceful transfer of power according to the expressed wishes of the people. We believe in this. We did not riot, constantly protest, challenge Obama’s fitness for office, etc. As a matter of fact, President Obama had a relatively normal presidency in spite of all the damage he did to our government, our economy and our standing in the world. In contrast, President Trump has been unfairly hounded and harassed by the democrats and the democrat media his entire term in office thus far. In spite of this, he has managed to radically improve the economy, improve the military and increase funding (so our pilots are no longer flying planes so old that they cannot get replacement parts for them for example), cut government spending, cut government regulations, radically lower unemployment, lower taxes, so I just wonder how much he could improve things if he was allowed to have the same leeway, the same treatment, the same automatic approval (instead of automatic rejection) that Obama or Clinton had.


“There Really Is Something Under The Bed!”

I had to begin with that quote from the indomitable Tammy Bruce about the Democrats today. The Kavanaugh Hearings have fundamentally changed many attitudes about government, Senate procedures and processes, the Supreme Court nomination method and its traditions, several of the prominent characters and Senators involved in the whole nomination debacle and its coverage, the Republicans and, of course, the Democrats.

Please allow one woman who lives in the suburbs, has a college education and does believe in equality for women and that their allegations of sexual abuse should be taken seriously, to put forward some unfairly neglected points. I am not alone in my views. I do not think they are unusual or even the product of a highly trained intelligence. I believe they are common sense, something that the Democrats fail to acknowledge in the American people.

  • Presenting a sexual harassment victim to the Senate and the American people who has to rely on emotion because no witnesses and no factual evidence will support her story is insulting to actual real victims. Women have had a hard fight to get certain attitudes and particular methods of cross-examination unpalatable to juries and even inadmissible in many jurisdictions. This nomination battle of unsupported claims and outright lies was a blow to all that those brave and courageous women have accomplished and a gift to those who fight their every step forward! While on this subject I would like to add that I am not so stupid as to automatically believe everything someone says simply because that someone is a woman. Evidence and proof apply to everyone and emotion will never overcome fact. To imply that women can be led to think otherwise is extremely offensive!
  • It is an abomination to even suggest that ANY citizen of this country does not deserve due process or the presumption of innocence regardless of the type of proceeding. I would hope that we could all recognize dirty tricks when we see them. Trashing a man’s name, reputation and career without due process because you are slick enough to call the proceeding a “job interview” is without question a dirty trick. In fact, if you can prove the allegations you would want due process, but if you knew the allegations were false you would go to great lengths to avoid it. Every civilized nation places the burden of proof in any situation of accusations upon the accuser. America is no exception, we have always maintained that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Any other system of determination is worse than unacceptable, it is tyranny and the standard system of all police states. No true citizen and patriot would ever tolerate it.
  • There is a misconception about Originalist Judges. It is true that they are not liberals, which is why the democrats hate them. However, they are not conservatives or libertarians either. They are not outcome driven at all. Stop and think about that for a minute because it is NOT true of liberal judges. An Originalist applies the Constitution (as it was written and intended by its authors) and/or the exact language of the statute as written (along with any supporting documents clarifying intent or meaning) to the facts of an individual case and renders a decision based ONLY on the Constitution and/or the law and those facts. Feelings, emotions, political views, religious preferences, who you know, who they know, their mortgage payment, your credit card bill, none of it matters. THIS IS FAIRNESS!
  • What I have heard more than anything else from others, and what has been weighing heaviest on my mind also, is what sort of people were revealed as the leaders of the present day Democratic Party. It is no secret that I have believed that the Democrats have acted like criminals for a long time. However, the desperate willingness to ignore the rule of law and establish precedent that would destroy basic American God-given personal freedoms and liberty is beyond inconceivable and absolutely unforgivable. It quite literally frightens me that the Democrats have as much power as they do now or that they could quite possibly gain more in the near future – and I do not say that lightly or without a great deal of thought. It would be our shame if we were so apathetic and unaware that we cursed ourselves and our progeny with their governance.


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There is no difference between calling an African-American person the n word and calling a Caucasian racist because of his/her skin color. It is just as offensive to call an overweight person the f word or to call someone who is gay an insulting word. It is all wrong because it is hurtful. We are all children of God and were not put on this earth to cause one another pain! So why does the Democratic Party emphasize and push the race issue to the point of violence, division and hatred?

Every race and/or ethnic group in history has been defined by insults as well as accomplishments, has been the recipient of hatred as well as admiration, has positive and negative characteristics attributed to it, moments of shame and glory, every one has enslaved its neighbors and been slaves, and every single one without exception has conflict in its history with victims and victors.

We can, and we do, allow people to rewrite history, or even tear it down, so that succeeding generations never learn from the mistakes of the past or about those heroes who attempted to rise above the times and do the right thing. African-Americans have a long history of contribution to the building of this nation. The blood and treasure that they have invested since the Revolutionary war has been all but lost to mainstream history books and their many contributions are just now hitting books and movies. There are many many more. If it were taught in schools to ALL children I think it would help. So many blacks seem to feel like they are a subculture within the white society but they are an integral and important part of our nation and our history.

America has let historical guilt over a crime that no one alive today committed, or would even allow to occur, cause racial tensions and political hate that is at a dangerous level. For at least fifty years quotas and other affirmative action plans have been setting the Equality guarantees of the Constitution aside so that a victim class could “catch up” and take advantage of the opportunities this great nation offers. No other nation in the history of mankind has done such a thing. Stepping back from the situation as far as I can considering my home is here, it is hard to believe that we have ended with this result. No, I do not blame either of the two races. I blame those who use racial tension and division to further their political goals. Yes, that would be the Democrats.

One additional message stands out above all others to me. Some of my black friends seem to live life as a black person in America. They are unhappy with whites, the government and are not satisfied with the opportunities they have. The others see themselves as black Americans. They have good friends who are white as well as black, they vote and they take advantage of the opportunities they have. They work hard but they do not see themselves as worse off than all whites. They see the world as it is. They are a part of the greater community without a belief that white society is closed to them. They do not believe they know what people think before they get to know them or assign malicious intent when none is actually there. To put it another way, they do not have a chip on their shoulder.

In the fifties, blacks had developed a larger middle class than they have today. Their average income was up and trending higher for all classes. They had a lower percentage of babies born out of wedlock than whites did. They were not focused on a victim mentality or on entitlements. For the last fifty years, as the Democratic Party has pushed the issue of race and white discrimination, the black communities have not become more prosperous and safer. Black income statistics are now far below what they were then and although they are now headed in the right direction under President Trump and his policies, my question is whether our democratic politicians are more concerned with power and politics or the health and welfare of our black families and communities!

This post is merely one for thought, not really about figures and statistics. It is another discipline, psychology (I think) which says that the definition of irrational (or insane) is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different outcome each time.

If this post is misunderstood as an attempt to denigrate or belittle any race or group – then it should be read again more carefully since that was not my intent. I would like to abolish all of the hatred that separates us believing that the answer to hateful speech is more dialogue, not more hateful speech.

Now it’s Restaurants?

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The Red Hen Lexington, VA

I saw it on Twitter.

I heard it at work.

When I saw it on Fox News today, it was absolutely the last straw!

Refusing to create a special item of art because of sincerely held religious beliefs is not, and I repeat for emphasis, NOT the equivalent of a political opinion or even what people would call “their morals”. There is no comparison between these. Religion is protected by the Constitution and has been over defined by our courts but has NOT been expanded to include either political opinions or a person’s vague and nebulous individual definition of morals.

Those who are saying that if a bakery can refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple then a restaurant owner can refuse service to the Press Secretary on the same grounds are simply ill informed or not capable of using the abilities God gave them.

The Red Hen in Lexington, VA embarrassed themselves and shamed the south by treating Sarah Huckabee Sanders so rudely. It speaks volumes about the class of people who own and run the diner. Discrimination against anyone on the basis of race, gender, religion, nationality or creed is wrong and violates what we stand for as a country.

This joint should be a private club, not a public establishment.

I Am Back.. (On Education)

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I had to take a brief hiatus but I have returned to bore my small part of the webverse with my unasked for opinions. As usual, I have something to say! (Actually, I have quite a lot to say but will do this one subject at a time)

I have a friend who runs the debate program at the high school. These students travel all over the country to various universities for different competitions. Evidently, because of this, debaters tend to be more aware of, and sensitive to, the extreme radical philosophies and crooked thinking which is infecting our universities. One of her students lost a debate in a national competition because he did not say “herstory” instead of “history” during the course of the debate on an unrelated topic!

As absurd as it sounds, this stupidity is taken seriously by many young people. My friend just shook her head when I pointed out that “herstory” unfairly favored the female point of view over the male. So if one were to become that excruciatingly concerned with historical neutrality then we should just call history “itstory” and call IT a day!

Now I hear that some universities have begun to encourage students to turn each other in for speech that represents wrong thinking! Have we become a third world country whose citizens must worry about thought police? Isn’t it bad enough that the left tries to shut down conservative radio and conservative television. Facebook and Google demonetize and close down accounts of conservatives. Some of the Silicon Valley companies routinely fire any employee who reveals conservative sympathies. The only group of people treated with more contempt by the mainstream media, the establishment, academic professionals and Hollywood are Christians!

This cancer is leaching out into the public. It isn’t just the pervasive victim mentality, but now the NAACP wants caucasians to be tested for implicit bias and claims that white people are unconsciously prejudiced against black people. Has anyone addressed the growing problem of black racism against whites? One of the college students I work with told me that it was impossible for blacks to be racist! Because she is a friend and because I really do like her as a person, I walked away from the conversation rather than argue. But this is crooked thinking!

I have been a very strong supporter of Originalism since the early eighties. The Constitution is not a living breathing document which changes and grows with the nation. The Constitution is our rock solid foundation, our protection against tyranny and governmental overreach, it is the guarantor of our God given rights and the Congress cannot change it, neither can the courts alter it.

The biggest problem I see in all of this is in education. If we are not teaching our children to think critically, to separate fact from fiction and the dangers of group think then our republic will not last.

We need an educated electorate.

The universities we have today are not giving us graduates who can quickly and correctly analyze complicated situations, critical thinkers, listeners and accurate observers, unconventional solution seekers – instead we are getting acceptance of anything read as fact, political party over country, shutting down opinions one disagrees with, groupthink, etc.

There is always more than one point of view. One should always know AND UNDERSTAND both before claiming a position.

We need an educated electorate!!

Rifles, Weapons & Guns, Oh My!

The Second Amendment is about much more than putting food on the table or providing a ready militia in the event of an attack on the homeland. Our freedom loving founding fathers were very obvious and outspoken in their belief that the citizens’ right to posses the most dangerous personal weapon of that day was absolutely necessary in order to have the means of defense against a tyrannical government. I do not think they believed that the fledgling American Republic was going to morph into a repressive regime in ten or twenty years, no..they were looking into the future as they did with all aspects of our beautiful Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It should come as no surprise that the US government refuses to acknowledge this truth and seems to be determined to assemble a national gun registry and as many limitations on the Second Amendment as possible. Illegal guns are so readily available on the black market that gun control does not meet the common sense test. These mass shooters are almost all suffering from some sort of mental health problem, however, that is a difficult issue to define narrowly enough to keep guns away from those who are dangerous without:

  • Taking the Constitutional rights from those who may have issues that do not make them dangerous to themselves or others, arachnophobia, agoraphobia, mild depression, hypochondria, etc.
  • Some type of mechanism to control the decision process so that it cannot be abused for political, inheritance, revenge or any other nefarious reason.
  • There must be an appeals process with final determination by a court since it involves a God-given right enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

This afternoon when I heard one of the victim’s father speak on Fox, he was most elegantly focused on the simple truth-

  • It isn’t about the gun debate, which will not fix anything.
  • The country will not come together over gun bans or gun limits.
  • We protect our courthouses, our airports, concerts, football games, etc. The schools we send our children to deserve at least as much! The entire country can come together to see that this is done

There is the eternal question that lurks in the background, everyone is aware of it but no one in the media will talk about it or ask. Why do the Democrats attack the Second Amendment at every possible opportunity when they know as well as we do that it will do nothing to help prevent mass shootings. Is it not strange that they ignore things that would actually help in order to propose legislation which would just take guns out of the hands of honest law abiding citizens leaving them helpless and vulnerable to both easily armed criminals and a repressive tyrannical government.

Another $0.02

The attack on the Second Amendment has already begun.

Criminals and crazies do not care what the gun laws are. They only bother to know the law in order to get around it so that they can get their guns whenever they want.

If gun laws take more guns out of the hands of honest citizens, criminals and crazies consider that to be a good thing. After all, they would naturally prefer that their victims not shoot back. It is why they like to shoot up places where guns are not allowed.

By the way, an AR-15 is not a military assault weapon. And….it is the health privacy laws that are preventing the FBI from accessing info on an applicant’s mental health which is what everyone is complaining about.

But that presents another Pandora’s box since the current estimate is that roughly 70% of the adult population has some sort of issue. So where do we draw the line? Do we want some strange psychologist/psychiatrist to arbitrarily make that decision and take away your rights?

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